Shark Attack!

The birthday party happened and although two hours into it I was ready for a nap, it honestly was so worth it. The grandparents were like the paparazzi flashes going off everywhere. The absolute highlight was when we started singing “Happy Birthday” to Jack I mean Baby Jaws. I had set his cupcake down in front of him and he started going at it, then the entire group started singing and his face lit up like he was thinking ‘wow this is so great!’. He looked around as we sang and I just know his tiny music-loving heart was like ‘how come you guys have never broke into song for me before? we need to do this more often’. It was adorable.

My MIL was a great help. She made this yummy crunchy cabbage salad thingy-ma-bobber that I like…it’s got like ramen and sunflower seeds. I am sure you have all had it before. Her sister came into town as well and helped set up the sandwiches and what not. If I had done all of it alone I can only imagine how the party would have gone. “Hello Everyone, welcome to the party….now if you will excuse me I will be in bed. Thanks”. So yeah it was great to have the help.

Last minute I decided to make a few shark fins that I had seen from the website I hijacked the cupcake idea from. That birthday party was like all around well planned with party favors and a shark head to take your picture with….yeah. Not gonna happen at this here house. I was thinking the shark watermelon was going to be out of control, but as it turns out, finding a melon, of any kind, in Colorado in March is impossible. So although that would have been pretty kick ass, I am glad not to have set the bar too high for a 1st birthday party.

And now what you really want to see, pictures.

The attachment of the shark fins. These suckers were pretty popular. I had only intended to make a couple. My SIL wanted one and I figured Jack needed one, but all of a sudden everyone was like ‘I want to wear one too!’. Pretty funny. Guess I should have made one for everyone. But that would have been ridunkulous.

For the decor, we kept it simple.

The cupcakes and fins were the highlights.

Some paper….flowery ball thingies? and that was it.

Jack’s Aunt is probably one of his favorite people.

And like any shark he shows his love with bites.


Soon other baby sharks joined the party. This is Lucy, Emmicakes and Pickle’s little girl. Here’s a tip. Always invite another baby to the party. Not long after we started eating Jack showed signs of tiredness. So I took him downstairs for a nap. Lucy was our decoy baby. Keeping everyone entertained to distract from the fact that the birthday boy was napping through his party. It was genius…..I was like ‘well Jack is napping, but look! we have another baby here to fill in!’

Feeding the shark!

Finally getting a smile out of her

By the by, Lucy is 7 months and weighs as much as Jack. I have no idea how it happened that I…a 5′-11″ person have a smaller baby than a couple who could both qualify to be race jockeys…what the heck? I assume it just means that Jack will shoot up eventually and Lucy will just get a tad bigger than her current height.

She is such a sweetie. This is her grandpa holding her, but I was able to just tote her around during Jack’s nap and introduce her to everyone. She just looked at everyone and took in the whole scene.

Jack isn’t walking yet. He is standing alone, but no steps. But the one thing I can brag about is that we have discovered he can drink from straws. I don’t want to hear your kid can do it too. Jack is the only one who can and he is obviously super advanced and genius and what not. Keep your talented baby’s shit to yourself….um yeah like I do… obviously. Ahem…moving on.

So after he ate, he went down for a nap. Then we returned to our regularly schedule activities. Another fun tip for 1st birthday parties. If you know any 2-3 year olds, invite one of them. This is Hunter and he is a seasoned present opener. Remember how I was all ‘oh the present opening is so awkward! whoa is me!’. Well Hunter took over for me. He was grabbing presents, “handing” them to Jack and then busting them open. It was awesome and helpful. I could just sit back and be like ‘Hunter grab another one! yeah dude, open that up!’. It was great.

Jack got a Jack-in-the-Box. Obviously awesome.

My dad and I are sporting baby fins…mine collapsed because I am a shark in captivity….obviously.

Hunter – you’re doing it wrong. Jack – Fuck off dude. Okay he didn’t actually say that. But my kid so would. Good thing he isn’t speaking yet.

Crazy grandma was there…or crazy great-grandma. She arrived an hour early…obviously because she leaves her house 2 hours early for everything. It was nice though because she got alone time with Jack while we finished setting stuff up. They read books together and what not. It was pretty cute.

Quick transition into cupcake time

Dad had to help

His William Wallace impersonation.

Nekid party time!

It was so beautiful out that we brought Jack out to the backyard. My dad and his wife were trying out my hula hoop….story for another day yo. It was just awesome.

Jack worked out some of his sugar rush.

Then Bogger gave him his version of a birthday present.

Then the party wrapped up. I can honestly say I am really glad we had a party for him. It was great to see everyone that we love and watch Jack talk to everyone and play. The best part is that the present situation wasn’t out of control. He got a few new toys, but all of them fit in his toy bin, so the house isn’t overflowing with new stuff. Mostly it was just a low-key fun day.

My favorite gift was this little Radio Flyer bumper car he got from my in-laws. After everyone went home and Jack was in his jam jams, I walked into the kitchen and found him riding it with pride. I hope you will all forgive my pre-parenting pompous ass and definitely have at least a little 1st birthday for your little one. In reality we should celebrate every day of their lives with all the hardship it took to get them here. And with that, I am headed off to see my little man. Just looking at his sweet face makes me miss him.


6 thoughts on “Shark Attack!

  1. I think I pulled a muscle in my side laughing at your shark in captivity joke. Not lying… it really hurts. hahahahaha… I also love that you had a stand-in baby. Genius!

  2. Ok I don’t even know where to start…first of all, that picture of Jack drinking from the straw is the cutest, but then I kept reading and more and more cute pictures popped up. Second, your grandma…cracks my shit up! I just remember a story you blogged about a long time ago with her. Great tips on who to invite to a first birthday party. Glad you guys had a great time!!

  3. What a great theme! SHARKS! I’m so glad it was a low key, stress-free and joy filled day. What could be more perfect? Happy birthday, little killer! Go eat some baby seals!

  4. Happy Birthday Jack! He’s getting so big! Isn’t it crazy?!? P isn’t walking yet either but she’s cruising around like crazy. It’s only a matter of time. I wish I could get her to drink out of a straw though – that would be so helpful when we’re out and I forget her sippy cup!

    Oh and I love the shark fins and the cake smash pictures!

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