The Day I Dreamed About

I think I told you dudes about this when I was bemoaning the idea of having to throw a 1st Birthday Party a while back….you know back when I thought that 1st Birthday Parties were ridiculous and have since stuck my foot in my mouth…yeah I am super good at those kinds of things. Anyway, Natalie back then always imagined the best way to celebrate a 1st birthday would be to do an activity with just our nuclear family. I imagined a picnic in the mountains or walking through the museum. Turns out despite changing my mind about the party, I still felt the same about doing something special on Jack’s birthday.

I left work a tad early and we headed to the mountains. I had heard about the ice castles up in Silverthorne, but had never been. Andy teased me a little about why we were taking Jack to see them when he could probably care less. I stood by my thoughts that he would totally get a kick out of them and obviously I was right.


9 thoughts on “The Day I Dreamed About

  1. Those pictures are beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like it! Was it not very cold? Thanks for the comment – I definitely think the first bump is the hardest and I can’t imagine what we have in store for us coming up! 🙂

    • No it has been super warm here the last several days, so I wanted to get up there asap to catch it before it all melted. So it was the perfect mix. Looking at ice formations in our t-shirts.

  2. OH my goodness, what an amazing sight! And what a fine lookin’ family you all are! I love that you combined a celebration involving family and a nuclear family celebration. Everybody gets what they want, and most important, you get what you want!

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