Austin Massachusetts

We arrived home safely from our vacay…..what?…I forgot to tell you we were going on a vacation? oops. I seem to always be doing that. I chalk this one up to the fact that work was like crazy bananas leading up to the last minute of the last day. Anyhoodles. It was a much needed family getaway in which I barely laid eyes on my husband or spoke more than 20 words to him per day…..interesting family vacation right? Eh, well it was really a vacation for him to see his BFF….and yes I have now told him that I will refer to his buddy as his BFF because I think it is hilarious.

Anyway, please expect a full week of posts and photos of all the activities we did including but not limited to my attempt at a faux Betty Page bang… did not go well peeps, but I will attempt it again and next time I plan to be VICTORIOUS!….now I must catch up with all of you because I mean obviously I have missed you like crazy and wonder what is going on.


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