The Teeth that Hold the Wisdom

As someone who has managed to hold on to her wisdom teeth for 29 years I have an interesting perspective on things. I presume a lot of you people were talked out of your wisdom teeth years ago…..but I was fortunate to have the dentist I did growing up. He basically told me that we would watch them come in, because for one thing, it is easier to get them out if they are allowed to grow in some. But mostly he said, if there is room and I don’t have any issues then there is no reason to take them out.

I believe what he said to this day because that is what logic would tell us. If we are doomed to live horrible lives by keeping in our wisdom teeth then how has our species survived this long? Now the older I get, the more cynical I get and this leads me to believe that when a dental hygenist, such as the one this morning, tells me I should get them out sooner rather than wait any longer, all I can think about is ‘of course you do, because it is more money for you’.

Now I am not saying you were robbed of your wisdom teeth or tricked out of them. Perhaps you experienced some sort of issue and really did need them out. But if your conversation goes like mine this morning, you probably don’t need them taken out:

Hygenist: So you still have your wisdom teeth, has anyone talked to you about getting them taken out.

Me: Yes, but they don’t cause me any problems so it seems like an unnecessary procedure.

H: well they are 70% fine…one of them is still partially covered by skin, so you could get food caught in there…yada yada yada.

I let her go through her whole schpeel….but the thing is, I don’t really buy into it. Scheduling a surgery to take out teeth that could possibly someday MAYBE cause me an issue seems….dumb. If they were a problem I would go with it. But in the meantime I will stand up on my hippie soap box and say ‘you cannot take my wisdom teeth!’ Besides I am saving that money for a boob lift. duh!


7 thoughts on “The Teeth that Hold the Wisdom

  1. I had my wisdom teeth out at 19, and I will never forget the pain that is dry sockets, Vicodin was like pissing on a forest fire, and all they did was put gauze soaked in clove oil. Umm, how about upping the narcotics thanks?! I would totally say skip the wisdom teeth and get the boob job. Same amount of pain, but who notices your amazing un-skin covered teeth with no food particles?

    • Andy got Percocet….spelling? He said it was pretty awesome. Sorry you didn’t at least get some good drugs out of it. That makes it even worse. Boobs get the priority for shiz.

  2. I still have mine too and I dread going to the dentist now b/c for the last 2 years they’ve been telling me I need them out. I love that your dentist said it’s actually better for them to come in on their own before being removed…I’m going with that theory now. I’m actually scared to death to get mine out, that’s why they are still in there. And they are starting to shift my teeth a little, so I need to do it. How bout you do, I’ll do it. Deal? 🙂

  3. At 34 I still have mine – the bottom two fit and are almost all the way up. The top two have never even tried to make an appearance. I also feel that I should just leave well enough alone unless they start a rebellion.

    • I don’t have top ones either!!! that is so exciting to hear someone else say they don’t have their top ones. My dentist says it is a sign of evolution….which I realize is controversial. I agree, unless a rebellion arises it is best to just stay out of their way.

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