No One Likes A Robot

Random Shit Coming Your Way:

Eins: So I totally get the need for having a word verification on your blog. It keeps out the riff-raff and what not, but I am not sure if this is something new, but some blogs have two word verifications……apparently I am a robot because it takes me an average of 42 tries to get it correct. I kid you not. It is especially frustrating when the comment I am leaving is like two or three words and I am spending 18 minutes trying to get that shit published….so anyway I guess I am a robot because I cannot master the word verifications.

Dos: Career-wise life has been a bit cray cray. Whoever creates the master schedule really needs my help because apparently they decide that all deadlines should fall on the same week and then the next week should be slow and boring. I don’t get it….it is like no one wants to work together.

Trois: Seriously spring snowstorms um where are you? I want to ski a couple more times before I pack up my gear. Apparently mother nature has other plans in mind….again why am I not consulted on these things?

Four: This has to do with work again, so I guess I should have put it back up there in Two, but whatevs. We had a staff meeting yesterday which was quite ridiculous. First off, apparently it was pissy pants day. Everyone seemed to be bitchy and by everyone I mean the white guys who are in charge. I was like ‘seriously? who needs some Midol and chocolate?’ I was embarrassed for the new guy as it was his first staff meeting and it was basically a giant temper tantrum. Also it ran on forever and I missed my work-out, so that put me in a pissy pants mood, but since I worked long last week, I took off early, soo….I guess there was that…oh and we had pizza, so there is silver lining in every sitch.

30-30-10: This is the big one….or rather next year is the big one. Not this summer, but next I have decided something grand must happen. Andy and I will both be turning 30 and it will be our 10th anniversary (yes newjoining mathletes, I was a childbride). The problem is I am having focus issues. Our first choice is Africa….but then there is South America, Alaska, Ireland, New Zealand…..they are just all popping into my head at the same time yelling ‘ooo pick me! pick me!’….and I want to pick them all. So that begs the question, what if we just quit our lives for a while and chose all of them? I say yes! Who’s got spare cash they don’t know what to do with?

Cinco: mmm this makes me think of Cinco de Mayo…which is coming up….which will require margarita drinking….I think I need to practice now.



7 thoughts on “No One Likes A Robot

  1. Oh my god you’re so young. I say go somewhere with a short flight, because who wants to spend a thousand years on a plane? Or, the doing them all plan is good. Spread the jetlag a bit. And yeah, SNOW? I’m glad I was too lazy to plant my lettuces and stuff.

  2. Ha ha I lol’ed at Oak’s comment. Um yeah where to start. I think the most important thing is not to drink too many margaritas and pissy your pants on the plane.

  3. I hate word verifications! (I also hate that spell check doesn’t like an S on the end of verification. I’m keeping it there spell check! :-P)

    Oh, and I vote Ireland. I’ve always wanted to go there and if you do then I can live vicariously through your pictures. Win-win!

  4. The word verifications have gotten ridonkolus lately!! Man, you think BIG when you do things!! But 30-30-10 is a great thing to celebrate. I think they all sound great, but I would pick New Zealand!

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