Thoughts from a Chair Lift

I took a mental health day yesterday. I had some lift passes to use and no foreseeable weekend day to squeeze it in. I also had a good bank of PTO just itching to get used and it looked like the snow might be semi-decent…..not that I needed that many excuses to take a day away from work. Geez it was starting to sound like the only way I would be out of the office is if all the stars aligned for me. Definitely not the case.

It was a glorious day. I was like a little kid on a carnival ride, “Again! Again!”. Just me and my skis. Perfection.

When my butt started getting sore and I decided my fun to soreness ratio had met its max, I packed up and headed home. I arrived with plenty of afternoon to do things with. So I got an oil change, picked up a late lunch and caught up on a couple shows friends have been recommending.

Turned out it was just what I needed. I felt rejuvinated and ready to head back to work with a new attitude!…..of course then I hit my desk this morning and some of that shiney new attitude quickly wore off. Turns out it is easier to love your job on a ski mountain.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Chair Lift

  1. Oh man, that sounds like a wonderful day! Where can I get me one of those?? 🙂

    Sorry it’s not as shiney this morning but maybe if you keep looking at those beautiful pictures long enough you can pretend you are back on the mountain!

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