Sign of A Good Ride

I have been pretty stupid excited about sharing some of my favorite activities with Jack. Skiing is probably a few years away, but taking him for a bike ride is one we didn’t have to wait for. After much deliberation it was decided that the iBert bike seat was the way to go.

I actually wanted to get a bike trailer, but Andy wasn’t comfortable with the idea of people not seeing it and ramming into it with their cars…..I saw his point and decided that was a battle I would let him win.

Sunday morning I strapped Jack into his seat, put on his helmet and we set out. I had taken him on a few rides around the neighborhood just to see how he liked it, but this time we adventured a little farther. If you meander back through our neighborhood you connect to a bike path (one of my favorite aspects of our neighborhood). If you head south you get downtown, if you head north or east, more ‘burbs, and if you head west, mountains….well eventually.

Anyway, off we went. I decided to head north. Usually I ride downtown, but I figured it being our first real trip out, a 26 mile round trip might be asking a lot out of Jack’s mood. Plus I put his seat on my beach cruiser, not my road bike, and let’s face it beach cruisers were not built for distance.

About 3 miles down the path I looked to my left and realized there was a lake….now don’t you midwesterners get up in arms, I guess technically you guys would consider it a cow pond. Anyway, I spotted a lake and thought ‘what is that?’. Turns out we have a fishing pond about 3 miles from the house.

Now “settled” Natalie, i.e. not the one going through a mid-life crisis right now, thought ‘this is great!’ I could see Jack riding his bike, carrying his fishing rod, meeting up with his friends and spending the day at this little lake.

There was a gravel road wrapped around the lake. I left the bike path and took off down the road. All the while I was talking to Jack, saying things like ‘look at the water buddy!’, ‘whoa this road is bumpy!’.

Jack didn’t say much. About 3/4 of the way down the road I leaned forward and realized he was falling asleep. It all started with the head bob, then turned into a full-fledged body taco, as he folded himself in half and rested his giant-helmet-clad head on the lap bar in front of him.

I wasn’t sure what to do exactly. Should I call Andy to come pick us up? Or just keep on trekking towards the bike path and see if he would stay asleep the entire ride home? I decided on the latter, mostly because it would take me about 45 minutes to give Andy directions on how to find us and we were only 3 miles away…..needless to say, he doesn’t share my sense of direction/wayfinding.

I tried to ride as smooth a path as I could, but obviously I had to stop to take a picture and send it to Andy because it was just too hilarious. Surprisingly we made it all the way home with Jack still asleep….where of course I took a couple more pictures.

This is what Andy saw when we pulled up to the house. He said all it looked like was a giant helmet and he couldn’t tell that Jack was in there. It does look freaking ginormous. FYI, for those who are interested, this is an adjustable helmet. There is a little knob at the back that tightens the inside to their head, but the guy at the bike shop said it should last a good 4 years. I am all for longevity.

Bahahahaa. Apparently Jack shares his dad’s enthusiasm for going on bike rides.


5 thoughts on “Sign of A Good Ride

  1. What a fabulous bike seat! I actually just sold my bike since I’d owned it for 5 yrs and ridden it exactly once….when I did a test drive at the bike shop! Perhaps somewhere down the road, if/when we live in a place with fewer hills, I’ll reinvest in a bike I’ll actually use!

  2. I have a similar bike seat and had I thought to take pictures they would be pretty much identical to yours! 🙂 On the plus side it’s a great way to get a cranky kid to take a nap! 🙂

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