This is How We Do It

Does anyone else have Montell Jordan playing in their head now? Sorry about that, but it is playing over and over in my head and literally the only words I can think of are “oooooohhhh oooohhhh This is how we do it!”.

So dudes it was time for a new tactic. The previous one was working okay….scratch that, let’s not lie, the previous approach was crap. Watching job boards and applying for new postings was not resulting in locating my dream job. I mentioned last week that I had a response to a cold-call….well a cold-email.

I wasn’t entirely sure if it was an interview or just the guy agreeing to sit down with me as I had suggested in my email. Well turns out it was an interview. And it went amazing!

This is seriously the way to get a job yo. Forget the sending your resume and being 1 of 140 applicants (no shit, one of my interviews the woman said that was how many they received) just hoping your cover letter will catch their eye. I know I am part of the minority who has the luxury to sit and wait for a dream job. I am not trying to negate the fact that I am lucky to be employed at all in this economy.

But if you are ever in my situation where you can continue working while seeking something new, this is the best method. Look for what you really want to do, not necessarily what is available.

I think when I resolved that I didn’t need to get out of my job asap and should just relax my shit and really focus on what I want to do with my life, things started settling down in my brain. I am not in a hurry. I am excited to take my time.

Interview 1 went great. I am slated to go back next week to meet with their historic preservation expert, to show them my work and what not. Hopefully me and this lady just click. Hopefully she will be like ‘we need this girl!’.

Maybe it will be several more months until we can work out an offer or something, who knows? I am not sure what to expect. I feel like it is the 18th Century and I am a suitor setting out to court a young lady to get her to marry me…..yeah I read way too many classic books.

But I like this process WAYYYYY better. Way Wayy waaaayyyy better. It feels less like a rollercoaster and more like a leasurely jaunt down the lazy river.


5 thoughts on “This is How We Do It

  1. That is awesome!
    I’ve always found that when it comes to career stuff, taking the “lazy road” usually works out better. Good to see it’s working for you!
    Oh – and I will have my revenge on you sticking that song in my head. Somehow, someday. Mark my words!

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