Classy and Fabulous!

I can’t believe this day is FINALLY HERE!!!! The day we get to celebrate the most deserving and beautiful woman finally becoming the newest mommy on the block. A mommy at last! We’ve all waited for this for so long….there just aren’t enough words to describe how absolutely elated I am that my girl E brought her little girl home. CONGRATS!!!!! Miss Am.e.lia Gr.ay or Aggie, as I have decided to call you in this post, you are so loved! All your cyber aunties waited with baited breath for a very very VERY long time. We are so glad you finally arrived home with your mom and dad and filled their waiting hearts and arms. You have overwhelmed them. I am certain they were never sure if that hole would ever be filled and now they probably are thinking ‘what hole?’.

E I am not really sure I can fully describe how much I love you…and well shit, I am already crying. Cry-typing is never attractive. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. If I could spend every waking minute with you, I am certain I would never tire and we’d constantly come up with ridiculous things to say to one another. You have endlessly been here to lift each and every one of us up when we are down and encourage us when we struggle. All the while you’ve had to sit in this perpetual limbo of interviews, being placed, game changes, and now finally FINALLY, it is your turn.

You’re a mom! You have a daughter! You have a teeny tiny human that will love you and cherish you exactly the way you’ve always been meant to be loved and cherished. A little girl! Just exactly what you needed. Someone to go shopping with and bake cookies, and play house, and have tea, and garden. Someday you will get to plan her wedding!….wait I bet you’ve already started that haven’t you? 🙂

Now that I said all that, she may infact be a lesbian rugby player, but you know what? She’ll still do all those things. I don’t know one lesbian who doesn’t like cake, am I right? I can already see you on the sidelines of that rugby game yelling obscenities in your adorable blazer and sensible, yet stylish, flats. You will be the best mother for Aggie. You will be exactly what she needs.

Little Aggie! Auntie Natalie just can’t wait to hold you…I am not gonna lie, I have already started looking at plane tickets. I can’t help it if you are only a few hours away from my in-laws lake house. I did promise them I would come out this summer. What’s a girl to do if I get “lost” on my way there and end up at your door? Obviously I will need to say hello and kiss your sweet little cheeks.

Obviously you deserved the most fabulous shower. Being your momma’s girl, you were in some serious need of accessories. Can’t be outdone by mom! Am I right? So this is your “Classy and Fabulous” Shower. Because in the words of Coco Chanel –

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

This is already so true of you. I mean look at that face? So camera-ready! You’re mom is a bit of a fan of Etsy. Who isn’t really? After a few hours of shopping around and mentally spending thousands of dollars on you, I decided I must make you something special instead. You are one of my favorite nieces after all. Plus I got your memo from the other day “Aunt Natalie, I need a basic white onesie with a ruffle-butt, preferably in Tiffany blue”. I completely agree. All Classy and Fabulous ladies need something in the Tiffany blue hue. I might have gotten a little excited about the ruffles. Hopefully they aren’t too big, but then again you are latina, so flaunt it girl! After I finished it I decided it looks a little like a sassy flaminco dress, which is also suiting for you. I was going to try to get Jack to model it for me, but he is a little too big and also I am pretty sure Andy would kill me. But here you go a little gift from your Auntie Natalie (I may have more creations headed your way too, what’s a girl to do when she has too much fun fabric?).

To check out the other blogs throwing E a “shower” see the links below. I must apologize if I left you out. I found as many e-mails for people that I could, but a few could not be found. If you want to join in, please do so!

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I will update the list as posts go up. You can leave a comment if I missed you and I’ll get ya up here!


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