Motherhood – A series of small fails

Jack was in a surprisingly cranky mood yesterday. It was strange. We don’t deal with sour moods very often, so when they do come around I am like ‘who is this whiney child? his mother should really come pick him up’.

Despite sleeping over 12 hours on Saturday night and taking a cat nap mid-morning, he was still just cranky….growth spurt and/or teething I suspect. Man I figured with 6 teeth and at a whopping 2′-6″ or so, we had reached full growth. What is with all this growth spurt shit? Dumb.

I tried to entertain him as best I could. You know what really helps a cranky child? Tumbling down the stairs. Works every time. Yep. It all happened in super slow motion. I have been so anal about keeping the gate on top of the stairs closed. I of course want to lay blame everywhere else…so let’s blame the dogs this time. Jack has been rushing towards things as of late. He isn’t quite running, but the little dude is FAST!!!. So fast. Blink of an eye he has your phone in the bathroom and you are dashing and praying the lid is closed on the toilet. So I was literally 5 feet away, but saw him make a mad dash towards the stairs. In the time it took me to run towards him he had already turned and scooted down the first two steps.

I was saying Baby be careful, but he saw me rushing toward him so with a grin on his face started to hurry. We have a pretty sharp turn at the top of our stairs. It is like two normal stairs then a 15 degree step then a 45 degree step, etc. into a 90 degree turn. Wanted to give you specifics. So while the first two steps are easy, the next two are death on a stick. Of course those are the two he decided to rush down and of course, he was at the narrow end of them. So tumble he did, right before my eyes. I just saw his tiny little body roll and flip. Pretty sure he did like 800 flips in my imagination….also I think he bashed his head like 40 times according to my brain.

In reality he didn’t roll far, fortunately. He was pretty freaked out, but after I picked him up and he got a good scream out, he settled down and then you know what he did? He did the whole scoot down lean over, signaling he wanted down. So I put him on his feet and he smiled and walked off. Like it was scary, but then he realized it was fun. It was like the tumble temporarily removed the cranky right out of him.

Meanwhile my hands were shaking and I was like looking in his ears and under each fingernail for any signs of blood. That little effer is a daredevil. I think I am seriously in for it.


7 thoughts on “Motherhood – A series of small fails

  1. So…are you recommending this as a cure for crankiness? I’m so glad he’s okay. That sounds like one of those classic terrified parent moments. A tumble down our stairs is absolutely going to be part of Bun Bun’s future, I’m just hoping to put it off for as long as possible. AIIIII! We have so many! So steep! On the other hand, maybe I should hope she gets it out of the way while she’s sitll kinda rubbery…Tough call.

    • rubberyness is super beneficial. Definitely not recommended as a cure as it will cause a heartattack for the parent, but strange that it did cure his grumpiness for a little while. Maybe he was just glad to be alive? who knows.

  2. Oh my gosh….soooo glad he’s ok! I’m sure I’d have flipped out too! I keep waiting for that first freak-out moment with S and I know I’ll lose it!!

  3. Ugh, I remember purposefully LAUNCHING myself down the stairs to see if I could clear all 13 before hitting the bottom. How did I not break my leg (or my neck?!). I am not looking forward to this parenting milestone. So glad Mr. Jack is okay!

  4. I meant to come back and comment on this sooner, but my busy munchins got in the way 🙂 I am so glad he’s okay too! Don’t feel bad, though, we’ve all had our “series of small fails” (love this posts title, btw). Laura’s first concussion check was around age 2 1/2 when she JUMPED (not fell, she purposely did this) off the SIXTH stair at out friends house and landed, pretty much on her head, on their vinyl floor. Fun times. Then, just about when you posted this, both girls were running around playing while we were making dinner and all of a sudden I hear Charly SCREAM from the stairwell, my heart dropped. I ran to the top of the stairs (veggie peeler still in hand) and see her balanced between the 2nd stair and the ledge on the side of the stairs. Not gonna lie, I scooped her up, sternly explained why we DO NOT play near the stairs and had her sister appologize, and then cried a little while silently saying a prayer of thanks that she did fall down the entire flight. Thank goodness I’ve started coloring my hair so I won’t find the grey ones I’m sure they are starting!

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