Here’s where we be: last time we talked about career things I had completed my first interview with ze dream firm (german accent)…..well maybe that is putting too much pressure on it to call it ze dream firm, whatever go big or go home.

Friday I had another interview eh let’s call it a meeting rather, with the preservationist. Um this chick was awesome. First off, it was a good call not to put on my new 47″ high wedges I procured from steve madden (mmmm love!). Thank goodness for the flats I wore because she was itty bitty….probably at least a foot shorter than me. Just a darling lady. I picked her up with one hand and put her on my shoulder…okay not really. She was so awesome though.

I showed her about 84 thousand examples of the work I had previously done and we chatted about how awesome preservation is, how we are the coolest people on the planet, and what not. She told me all about herself. She is sort of my opposite. She has her undergrad in preservation, went to work for the gov’t and then decided she wanted to actually work with the buildings rather than review reports and what not. She has worked for this firm ever since and has become the firm expert.

She said that recently she expressed interest in wanting to do more ground-up work. She is an architect after all and whilst she loves preservation, she needs some help to free up her time to pursue some new construction as well. Um SIGN ME UP!!!!

I was so excited, but tried really hard not to pee my pants. I basically nerded out on her though saying that it is so awesome talking to someone who actually has my dream job….um awkward-much Natalie? Whatever. When I nerd out I like to just let it all hang out. Overall it was a great and exciting meeting. From what I gathered it sounded like they were very interested. I left my stack of work with her to review… was all writing so the girl needed some time to digest….I can be a bit verbose (GASP!!! Noooooo).

She said she would meet with the principal again and they would get back to me. I told her to take her time (when really my brain was screaming out ‘so I can start Monday?’). I know my hopes are just high as the sky right now. There is a whole other conversation I need to have with the principal, and while I want to just dive right in, I really do think making this a slower process is going to be for the best.

I changed my header as you probably noticed. I was sorting through pictures and thought this one was absolutely brilliant. This is our actual doormat….we like people to know where they are. But having Jack in the picture just reminded me, this is it, you are here. Some days I can get so crazy focused on “what’s next? where are we heading? time for adventure!”. I have to remember that yes adventure is all well and good and seeking it is important, but I also need to stop and realize what is happening right here and now. I am here, thanks doormat. Smart-assery pays off again.


8 thoughts on “Shmupdate

  1. The new header is freaking brilliant!
    I’m always a fan of smart-assery, as I am a fan of words that start with shm. So that’s double points right there!

  2. Amazing! Even having such a great interview must feel good. I really hope this pans out. The excitment! The possibilities! Good stuff. Here is a great place!

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