At least we can eliminate Amenorrhea

Remember 4 minutes ago how I was like ‘I am not going to try to get pregnant this time because wouldn’t it be fun to do it the natural way’?……yeah that only works if you have some sort of discernible cycle to work with. Crap….here we go again.

The good news is I think we can eliminate that I am suffering from Amenorrhea. Don’t think you can qualify for amenorrhea if you are 20lbs overweight…..of course I suppose I could be the exception to that rule.

You guys were so awesome offering encouragement for my bike ride. Guess what? I survived and it was awesome…except for that part where I decided to take some surface streets in lieu of the longer bike path and quickly realized that my ting tang would not be a happy camper after that pounding. Seriously CDOT, let’s fix some roads at some point. It was as I was bouncing my way down the road that I thought ‘um why do dudes ride bikes at all?’. I can only imagine a dude riding down that same road. They would be passed out on someone’s lawn after 45 feet of ball crunching pavement.

I think I have decided to not bike both directions tomorrow. For one, it has been hot as balls in Colorado the past few days. A record-setting 105 yesterday….um what? I didn’t know Colorado thermometers went up that high. But also because it will take me an hour and a half to get down to work and then 45 minutes to shower and that would leave about 45 seconds of work before I would have to turn around and head back home….hey that actually sounds like a pretty good plan. Riding a mile to the bus is plenty for the morning portion….besides taking public transit is totally allowed on Bike to Work day.

Let’s see what else is going on? Oh my boobs are still pretty ginormous. I put on a dress this morning, thinking about max ventilation for the crotchal regions, it zipped right up and I was like ‘hellz yeah!’. Then I went to look in the mirror and realized my chesticles were causing the bust darts to strain. Rather than risk the life of the dress I decided it would be better to hold off on this outfit until the ladies shrunk down. I have to say I am pretty surprised they are still so big…don’t get me wrong though, I am glad they are because it totally makes me look more in shape to have giant boobs. If they get smaller you will be able to tell that I do not have a flat stomach….you know because I am fooling so many people right now.

Work has been pretty cool lately. The dude from our San Fran office has been monopolizing my time with *GASP* architectural work! I know! it is crazy how sometimes I get to do the things that I dreamed about when I decided to become an architect. Wackytown….but that is not to say that I am not still maintaining crossed fingers for ze dream job. I have a third meeting in a couple of weeks. Things are moving a bit slowly on that front, but as I said, I am really enjoying this slow pace. No quick drastic movements.

I am thinking that is about all the information I have for you folks today…..surprising eh?


5 thoughts on “At least we can eliminate Amenorrhea

  1. Ok so the big boobs – why is that? Did I miss something??

    Btw – tarty whore sounds fabulous – way higher class (British version?) that just a plain whore.

    • Giant boobs still a leftover from pregnancy….granted they are a little more like giant saggy socks, but when you gather them up and put them in a bra they are giant…..bras are our friend

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