Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Well shitballs. I came in this morning ready to hammer out my approach for the 3rd interview this afternoon. I called upon my best ladies to help filter in and out questions, how to word things, etc. We were basically a really thin and sexy Brain Trust…..with incredible hair.

I was like ‘yes, let’s do this! I am ready!’. Then I looked at my phone…which recieves e-mails as of about 6 months ago! I know whaaaattt? Phones can get e-mails? it is a crazy world we are living in people. Anyway phone says that there was a last-minute issue that came up this morning, that he really wanted to meet with me and could I possibly come in next week instead.

At least the e-mail said he “really wanted to meet with me”. If it was just like a ‘we need to reschedule’ it probably would have felt a little like a pass-over, seeing as it has been a month since I was last exchanging e-mails with him. So I am putting my readiness on ice for a week.

It’s cool. I can wait another week….well I don’t really want to wait another week, but what am I gonna do? Show up at his house this evening? Don’t put it past me, if that had been an option I probably would have done it.

It was funny this morning I asked E if she thought it would be okay if my current employer wanted more than 2 weeks notice. I was thinking that it would be most considerate to offer that option when submitting notice. I mean I think they would handle everything just fine if I walked out of here tomorrow, but my boss is a little…..well let’s just say panicky… and he has a hard time keeping track of things. I would send him an e-mail every Friday for the last 5 weeks I was pregnant linking him to files, reminding him what status each project was, giving him contact information, etc. Sometimes men just need hand-holding, am I right?

I imagine if I get to submit notice that it will take a least three weeks of sending similar e-mails for him to feel really at ease when I finally do leave. Anyway, not even an hour after having that conversation with E, my meeting was reschedule, and my boss calls with this crazy convoluted message explaining an ever weirder and undecipherable e-mail and I was like ‘yeah two weeks notice is going to be just fine by me’. LOL.

Amazing how the tides can turn one day to the next, isn’t it…or in this case one hour to the next. In retrospect of my last “career” post, I think I have been getting along super well with my boss because I have been working with other people and he has been traveling a lot. When we do see each other there is a lot of witty banter, runs to starbucks, happy hours, and the helping him do something task spreckled in there every so often. He seems to have been in a good mood, therefore I have been in a good mood. But every once in a while, I am reminded why I do indeed need to eventually get out of here. It might not be a fiery rush anymore, but there is a need eventually…..or I need to move to the San Francisco office….which has been offered and I spent a few hours entertaining the idea and then realized it would require a divorce. Maybe I could just split my time between the two offices?….hmmmm.


9 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

  1. I really do believe the interview got put off for a good reason on their end a a good reason on the part of the universe. You might just find out that you are super glad to have had that extra week. I love being a part of the the brain trust. It makes me feel important. 🙂

  2. RATS! But yeah, maybe you can take a week to hammer out your approach. Though probably you want to do it at the last moment or you would have done it before. It sounds like you have a brilliant job, and a chance at a brillianter one, but the worst case scenario is not too awful.

  3. I jumped ahead for this?? Crap! Did I not make it clear that I am impatient and want to know the outcome! Sigh, you sure do know how to make me keep coming back to your blog! Getting a prospective employer to be in on your evil plan for blog traffic is pure genius. And evil. But mostly genius.

    I shall sit here impatiently and await next week.

    (Good luck!!!)

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