Tentative Awesomeness

WOOHOO! LET’S TEAR THIS SHIT UP AND CELEBRATE!!!!….well tentatively….that is kind of a downer huh? Well go grab a margarita and/or an ice cream cone….actually don’t combine those things. Tequila and dairy, not a good combination. If you haven’t learned anything from this blog, hopefully that will be something you can take away from here. You’re welcome.

Alright Marg or Ice cream in hand? Good. So here it is. I tentatively have a new job…What the what?

Lily made a comment a while back about how I was a genius in dragging this process out for blog traffic. To that I must say: It isn’t meeeee!!! apparently this new firm is wanting you all to be sitting in a constant state of suspense and refreshing your browsers every 2 seconds. So sorry dudes….I am actually not brilliant enough to think up a plan like this for blog traffic….dang. LOL.

Well the good news is at least we have a new deadline. Monday. I will know something definitive no later than Monday.

So put it on your calendar, hopefully Monday we will button this thing up with an official offer, but I tentatively think I have a new JOB!!!! WHATTTTT????? Ze dream job appears to be within reach! This has definitely been a marathon process rather than a sprint. I really appreciate you all going on this loooonngg ride with me.

But apparently patience really does pay off because the guy even said how appreciative he was that I have been so patient and understanding with the rescheduling and what not. The firm just seems amazing. Really too good to be true in some cases. I honestly have had to re-evaluate now whether I have made this whole thing up? How could everything fall into place more perfectly? I am not sure…..is someone following me?…..hello? Well if you are there will you get me another margarita? Strawberry….sugar on the rim….thanks.

Also let me apologize in advance for what I am about to do. That’s right it is pantsless wednesday as of right now. Bam! That is how we tentatively celebrate!


5 thoughts on “Tentative Awesomeness

  1. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will gladly drink a margarita while pantless to help you celebrate (tentatively)!!! Oh and, I’m still not convinced this isn’t a conspiracy to get me to keep coming back. I mean I’m STILL on the edge of my seat waiting for the official word (will we be able to go topless for that occassion??)

    Super duper congratulations (tentatively)!!!!!!

    (And you referenced me in a blog post. I feel humbled. Also, I feel a breeze. Why am I pantless? Oh right, to celebrate! WOOOOO!)

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