Wait, why am I sinking?

Something weird is going on….I have this sinking feeling. This feeling like, everything is just too perfect right now…..like something has to give. So of course I am for some reason bracing myself for bad news today. I don’t know why….maybe because I am a little gun shy from the results of the last guy who offered me a job and then got weird and basically disappeared. It was so bizarre, but I have decided he just really wasn’t at all established. I bet he had basically JUST gone out on his own and thought he had some work coming in soon, but realized a week later that he didn’t. At least that is what I think happened. Because he e-mailed me a week later saying he was still interested and would keep in touch and since then….nada.

That is pretty much the first time in a LONG time a guy has told me he’d call and then didn’t. A girl can get a little tentative after a situation like that. So maybe that is what’s up. I am not sure. But for some reason I am braced for the worst today…..ugh. I don’t want to be, but I am.

So I guess I sort of have to address this. I mean a person can’t live in Colorado and not mention the events of last Friday. Mainly I just want to let you all know that we are obviously fine, as is everyone we know. A co-worker had some friends at the theater, but they were okay. I hate how events such as this immediately divide people up. I wish everyone would just agree what a terrible tragedy it was and that this guy was just absolutely crazy. But of course the first thing that happens is everyone polarizes and starts arguing about gun control and what not. Well I refuse to do that. I don’t need to talk about where I stand. I am greatly saddened by what happened, by the innocent lives that were lost. It is such a horrible tragedy. My thoughts are with all those affected by this terrible night.



4 thoughts on “Wait, why am I sinking?

  1. Here’s hoping that the sinking feeling will just magnify the amazing feeling when everything goes EXACTLY like it should! (I mean you get hired, in case that wasn’t clear.) In the meantime I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you and anxiously await your news!!

    I’m so glad you and everyone you know are ok! What a crazy senseless act and I can’t even imagine the heartache and devestation left behind. My prayers go out to all those affected!

  2. I’m sure everything is fine! It’s natural to be nervous. But we’re certainly all pulling for you! As for the CO shooting, I totally agree with you. The issue here isn’t gun control. It’s some crazy dude shooting up a theater and ruining so many families! Let’s take a step back and give those families the prayers and support they need so desperately right now and let the justice system do their jobs without the distraction of protestors!!

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