No update

Well it feels really strange to be in a holding pattern. It is like my last few days of pregnancy where everyone is wondering if something has happened. Nope….no progress whatsoever.

A couple of people were great enough to tell me not to be concerned. That it is higher on my list of priorities then it is on theirs, so they are probably just not realizing what a hard deadline I was seeing Monday as. To them they were like ‘yeah I will probably get back to you by Monday’ and I heard ‘I will get back to you no later than Monday’…..

I just keep reminding myself that this is a job I asked for. They weren’t looking for someone. I showed up and was like ‘hey! how ’bout you start paying me to come here?’. This process is definitely completely different from submitting a resume for an open position they need filling. So….I will wait…..some more….eventhough I don’t wanna.

Let’s see do I have anything to distract you with?….I suppose I could talk some more about my grass……tell you how awesome Jack is….tell you about my new exercise class…..ugh but I am just not feeling it today. So let me go and regroup. I will focus on some new shit to talk about and come back with more enthusiasm.

6 thoughts on “No update

  1. That was good advice people gave you, but I am not a patient person and would be crawling out of my skin. Go find something good to distract yourself with and I’m sure you’ll come back here with some great news!

  2. Do you want me to call them? Because I will. I’ll dial those mother fuckers in a heart beat. On another note, I’ve been thinking about your vagina and mine is way more hippie than yours.

  3. Sigh. I will just keep coming back then. Why do I feel like I’M the one waiting for the decision to be made about me? May I suggest that you call them and say, “Hi, my blog followers really want to know if you are going to hire me. What should I tell them?” and see where it gets you.

    But I agree with manymanymoons, you’re awesome so of course they’ll want you.

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