The Great Wait

So yes….I am still waiting….and now it is becoming really hard for me to keep claiming this isn’t just a publicity stunt to keep you coming back to my blog to read about my vagina and get your opinion about retention garments….but I swear I am not lying and that I really am attempting to get a new job! Hopefully it will happen…sometime in the next 4 months or so.

I had this prediction a few months ago that a job offer would coincide with finding out about a second pregnancy. It just seems like something that would happen, you know? So doesn’t it just seem ridiculous and ironic that I get a negative test and the next week I have my 3rd interview, thinking it will be just days until I get official word, but then it gets drawn out some more… just makes me sigh and think yep makes sense. Couldn’t get a job offer with a barren uterus, that would just work out too perfectly.

Maybe this is the way the universe is dealing with the fact that there has been some serious happiness throughout my world the past few weeks. We have some new babies to celebrate, and some long – let me stress LOOoooooonnnnggggggg – awaited pregnancies. And in reality those are like 400 bagillion times more important than my new job. If there is like a tally up where only 2 good things can happen per month, I would much rather those things be friends getting pregnant/bringing home babies than me getting a new job. So I can wait until next month’s good things get dispersed…which looks like might be the case.

The good news is, I e-mailed the office manager on Friday. Just to make sure that the owner hadn’t like fallen off a cliff or something. She wrote back right away saying that he had likely been pulled in too many different directions and momentarily spaced out getting back to me. Then she wrote the best thing ever – don’t give up. Apparently that was all I needed. Someone who knew him and knew this behavior was nothing to be worried about telling me not to lose hope. And then I didn’t.

My hope was restored and I realized there is really no rush here. I can wait until the timing really is right for everyone involved. So there is no need to panic. Plus now I know some of the things I will be bringing to the office if I am hired – organization and responsiveness. I get shit done. That about sums up the “about me” portion of any discussion…of course you can’t really say that in a first interview, but if you could, I totally would. Because I do get shit done. Hell I even detached and have started taking apart my own garbage disposal.

Am I a plumber? Nope, but I can for sure take a garbage disposal apart….can I get it to work? Who knows? But I will certainly find out. By the way, garbage disposals….pretty much the most disgusting thing ever. I am certain that most shit smells better than the stuff that has accumulated in the garbage disposal. I am serious. The entire time I was cleaning it out/taking it apart I was thinking about how much complaining Andy would be doing if I had made him do it – and admittedly I was also gagging. But boys are babies sometimes, am I right?



5 thoughts on “The Great Wait

  1. You are so right! Good luck with not vomiting, I mean the disposal!

    Ok so this job thing. In fairness to you, at the beginning you said you weren’t going to stress about it and just let things happen. I can’t help but feel I may be partly responsible for the increased urgency. Sorry dude! You are right to just let things happen, despite what the stupid, impatient people you don’t even know from the internet have to say. And you know what? Even if you didn’t keep me impatiently waiting at the edge of my seat for the Best. Job. Ever. news, I’d still come back and read what you have to say bc you are freaking hilarious and anyone who can make me laugh like you will keep me coming back. No stress! Just laughs! (Did I just inadvertently put more stress on you to make me laugh now. Sorry. Man, I suck at this comment thing. I will shut up now.)

  2. Clearly, the garbage disposal is the reason you aren’t yet pregnant. Someone’s looking out for future pregnant Natalie who obviously wouldn’t be able to handle either the disgusting disposal OR the whiney husband who would end up doing it instead. I’m sure you’ll get pregnant as soon as it’s fixed. =)

  3. I have taken apart and repaired my washing machine, my upper radiator hose (that’s in a CAR dude), my furnace, and my under sink pipes so many times. It’s really because I am cheap but there’s some weird satisfaction that comes along with fixing it myself too. I’m serious, I’ll call this dude about your job. Give me the number.

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