A Very Happy 1st Birthday

This is a really big day! One of my bestest and oldest bloggy friends is celebrating her little one’s 1st birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!!!! I know some people think their birthdays are about them….WRONG. Your birthday is about your mom, duh. She was the one who got you here.

So in that same vein, Happy Birth Day Steph! I know I basically single-handedly got your pregnant and what not, but don’t you dare try to share the credit of today with anyone but you! Good work momma!

I don’t know about you, but when Jack turned 1 it symbolized a couple of different things for me. First, I could keep a tiny human being alive for an entire year. So good job at doing that! YAY! Why do they make them so tiny and fragile? I will never understand. Second, I realized that I was actually a parent.

Saying the words ‘I have a son’ (substitute daughter here for you) were so foreign and bizarre to me. I found myself awkwardly stumbling over things like that in conversations: “my….uuuu….my son? yeah…I guess that is right….my son just pooped his pants”.

That reminds me, the one year mark also makes you realize how much shit you can deal with….literally! Man how such tiny beings can create such massive poos is beyond me…oh and the smells! Good gawd some of them are so awful! So yeah, congrats on surviving the poo.

Through all that you’ve been through to bring your little lady into this world and the adventures she has taken you on since then, we have all just watched you become the most loving and caring mother ever. Not that I had any doubt you would be. Thank you for sharing your life with us, thank you for being a big part of my life…and shitballs…tears…..finish up Natalie quick!….thank you for always being my partner in the “having-a-dead-mom-sucks-but-life-is-pretty-awesome-and-let’s-keep-going-anyway” club…..we are going to have to come up with a shorter name.

Your mom would be so proud of the mother you have become. You are a reflection of her with the way you love and care for Chloe…..okay seriously I must stop…blah blah blah sentimental crap. Basically I love you dudes……and I will come visit soon, promise!


3 thoughts on “A Very Happy 1st Birthday

  1. Ok, the tears started with Carlia’s post and then I had to come to yours next. Damn you! I wasn’t going to cry today! You have been such a great friend too, and supportive like you wouldn’t believe. And yeah the whole, I have a dog, I mean, daughter thing…totally weird to say for the longest time. Love you!

  2. I know JUST what you mean about first birthdays! And I also know what you mean about dead parents….it sucks, but you HAVE to get on with your life. You mom (my dad) wouldn’t want it any other way!!

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