So life has been pretty crazy awesome the past few days. Last week I dared to go where many a’ parent have certainly gone before and took Jack to his first rock concert. Most of you would be like ‘that is a ridiculous idea!’…you are right and wrong at the same time. First off, it was Jack White. Jack (now I need to point out, no he was not named after Jack White) looooovvvveeesss Jack White music. Loooovvveess it. He will hum along to Seven Nation Army while pounding out the beat with his hands and is a dancing machine. What you need proof that he is a dancing machine? mmmkay. Go here:

So needless to say, I felt like he had to go. Don’t get me wrong though, I am certain that the night would have been like 3% more fun without him. First off, I wouldn’t have had to guard my vodka lemonade quite so closely. And I wouldn’t have had to chase him around and take him for a couple of walks when he got a bit fussy. But it was totally worth it and he had a fabulous time.

Red Rocks has to be one of the best places to see a concert and the weather could not have been more perfect. It cooled off and there was a little breeze and it was amazing. Jack was a total ham and made friends with two couples who were sitting behind/above us. Seriously my kid is such a ridiculous flirt.

So that was last Wednesday, then Friday Andy and I had a date night….brown-chicken-brown-cow (if you don’t get that, say it in like a sing-song voice….get it?). Saturday I had my work-out class in the morning, then we ran around downtown for a few hours, then I ditched Jack with my SIL and off to my friend’s wedding I went, stag.

Jack was “helping” with the present….as in moving it around the room.

I have never gone to a wedding by myself. It is weird, but awesome too. I ended up being at a table with Pickles, Lucy (emmicakes and pickle’s baby), and Pickles’ parents. So I wasn’t like awkwardly alone with no one to talk to or anything. We were seated with some childhood friends of the bride and they were a hoot. Seriously, if those chicks didn’t live in the midwest we would certainly be drinking buddies….oh did I mention it was open bar? And I had a babysitter? Two very important components.

Chardonnay with dinner? Yes please! Refill that cocktail? Certainly. Let’s just say, it was a fantabulous evening and whilst I may not be that good of a dancer anymore, I certainly thought I was Saturday night.

Sorry for my crappy pictures. This is the Hotel Boulderado, where Andy and I spent one of our “honeymoon” nights. They had the ceremony on the stair landing and we all sat around the balcony. It was gorgeous! Come to Colorado, I will take you to see it!

I finally took my leave of the party….I wanted to stay longer…but for driving ability it is probably best I didn’t. Jack was the best-kid-in-the-world and slept in until 11am on Sunday, giving me some much appreciated rest. Isn’t he awesome? No you can’t have him…..I might consider cloning him though.

I did some housework crap that everyone hates doing. Then it was off to the mountains for some hiking. We hiked up to Gem “Lake” – now you “Land of 10,000 Lakes or whatever it is” people would look at Gem Lake and laugh, it is a slightly large bathtub, but it is like a-certain-number-of-thousand-feet-high up nestled into the rocks of a mountain, so it is small, but really awesome.

Jack was pretty worn out after doing absolutely nothing but riding on my back up the mountain, but I took off his clothes and set him free in the water. He was hilarious. Took to handfuls of rock and mud and smeared them onto his face….warrior style I suppose? I had to dash after him a few times as he tried to walk straight out into the deeper areas. Apparently he is a grown up and doesn’t need someone to monitor the depth of water he is playing in?

He screamed and made a scene when I forced him to get dressed and put him back in the carrier to go back down. The injustice of it all!!!! I am such a terrible mother!

We stopped for pizza and ice cream in downtown Estes. There was a dude playing John Denver songs in the park….it was a pretty crazy awesome summer day. We wound our way back home, arriving in time to transfer Jack from the carseat directly into bed. Siiiigggghhhh Life is Good.


4 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. Sounds like a great couple of days! Yay for summer fun! I can’t wait for SEASONS after we move in December! And the fun of having TWO kiddos….I’m tired just thinking about all the stuff I’ll drag my kids to!

  2. Ok, I’m tired just reading about all you did but WOW, what an awesome time!! That lake it beautiful! And looove that video of Jack dancing! Watch out girls!! He’s going to have to fight them off with a stick! 🙂

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