Andy’s family has this hilarious story of when his sister was little. Andy came home from school with a joke to tell everyone. Picture mom, dad, Andy and sister sitting around the dinner table one weekday evening.

Andy: What did the tree say to the wind?

SIL yells: BLOW MEEEEeeee

*the actual punchline was “Leaf me alone”.

People should be more careful when they think up jokes, because I have to hand it to her, it makes perfect sense and is Waaaaayyy more hilarious.

Friday SIL and I are headed to the Windy City. Which is what has me thinking of this family story. Chicagoland – it is like the promised land for architects….well maybe tied for first with NYC, but some of the greats have come out of Chicago. I can’t believe it is my first pilgrimage. I feel a little ashamed for not having been at least once in the previous 30 years.

I mean I have a fucking architecture nerdy ass tattoo….which has been ruined by stretch marks and no one will ever see…unless you happen to get me drunk and ask me to see it…then you will probably win. It is based off a stained glass window by Frank Lloyd Wright so the fact that I haven’t stepped foot in Oak Park is pretty much like yelling the F word out in church or something.

I have had multiple layovers at both Midway and O’Hare, but somehow I can’t bring myself to claim I have been to Chicago. Technically I have been in Chicago, physically, and I have seen it from the air, but really is that so different than just looking at a picture of Chicago? I think not. So I am going to the architectural holy land. I hope I am not disappointed, but I feel like that can’t possibly happen.

And I am pretty sure that since this trip is happening the weekend before my 30th birthday I can just claim I went to Chicago in my 20s….no one needs to know it was the very very veeerrry end….and I know you won’t tell them….my one secret friend on the interwebz.

All this to say: I am excited. SIL is excited. Apparently she needs a real vacation and hasn’t had one in four years, so we are going to tear this shit up! I will be certain to take a ridunkulous amount of pictures and then only post a few so you don’t die of boredom from looking at all the amazing buildings I took pictures of.

Also I might mention that we are meeting up with my First- Step-MIL….in otherwords my ex-SMIL. She was married to Andy’s dad when we were dating up through when we first got married. She is pretty kick-ass…and loud….and hilarious….and loves drinking. So it should be an awesome long weekend.


6 thoughts on “Windy

  1. YAY for a girls trip! My PERSONAL opinion is that you shoudl venture approx 90 miles East to the most beautiful campus on Earth and visit my alma mater of Notre Dame….the architecture there is amazing, of course!! 🙂

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