Nerdiest to less Nerdy

Alright Chicagoland! I decided we should start things off by showing the nerdiest aspect of the trip first.

That translates to Oak Park…shout out to Oak!…who has no relation at all to Oak Park. But whatever. Maybe I already wrote about the story of a young 7-year-old girl who stole her brother’s Frank Lloyd Wright book and decided she would be an architect one day? Anyway that is how it happened. I still have said stolen book….and I also stole the prints someone gave him of FLW drawings….basically you shouldn’t have a little sister, she will steal your shit and never give it back.

Anyway I won’t nerdy this too much with words. I will just show you some pics and you can just imagine how excited I probably was about this stroll….and then times that imagined excitement by 100 and that is about the levels….okay just one thing before I stop talking though:

In my opinion, to really appreciate FLW you have to have some context. If you just look at his designs you wouldn’t necessarily understand that they were revolutionary because today we have such an extreme level of revolutionary architecture. So the best way to see the dramatic shift FLW made you have to look at the houses around his. So context. Here is what the neighbors houses look like.

This is a Victorian Style home in case you are nerdy curious.

So as you can see they are beautiful houses….but the common idea was that houses looked “pretty” and somewhat “frilly”. Alright now contrast that with these and hopefully that is enough to explain the shift.

And we’ll end with Unity Temple…which is obviously not a house.


4 thoughts on “Nerdiest to less Nerdy

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