Happy Spirit Transformation Journey Anniversary

My Big Butter is weird. He does weird things, says weird things and often times looks weird to….example – we know several people with the same name, so when I will talk about him Andy will ask “my Bob? or Jesus Bob?”…Big Butter looked like Jesus for a while…also his name is not Bob, protection for the innocent or some shit. On my birthday he posted on my facebook “Congratulations on your Spirit Transformation Journey Anniversary!”….because he is weird. And I love it.

My Spirit Transformation Journey Anniversary, aka my 30th Birthday was pretty laid back and epic at the same time….confused? Me too. I am one of those peeps who likes to drag celebrations out…for as long as possible. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like doing that. In fact I will probably be celebrating my 30th birthday up until next September 8th. That is just how I roll.

The celebrations began on Friday 9/7 and just kept going…in fact they are not technically over. I still have the impending arrival of my iphone (what what) and a pedicure…and probably some shopping because shopping is funsies. Also I have a promise of a family get together at this amazing dessert restaurant….desserterie? Is that a word?

First festivity – renewing my license plate registrations…wha wha whaaaaa. No seriously that is what we did. Eh whatever. It was necessary and Andy and I went together, so the Jack-assery was truly a gift. Andy has decided he wants to get the “advancing green energy” specialty plate for his ’72 Bronco. I won’t tell you the gas mileage he gets….it is just better if we don’t say it out loud. No one really believed us that the H3 was a fuel efficient vehicle. Just take our word for it now.

Second festivity – sushi! YAY! In fact Friday night sort of turned into the “stuff you can’t do while pregnant” adventure. We ate sushi, drank cocktails, then went to a family fun center and rode go-carts, played putt-putt, bowled, played ski ball, and drank more beer.

It was awesome. We crashed into bed at about 2am and found ourselves pleasantly well-rested when Jack called out at 11:30a. That kid is awesome and yes he stayed up until 2am with us with little fuss. Jack and I played in the living room…okay Jack played in the living room, I drank an angry orchard because it was almost noon and it was my birthday…. I am a grown-up bitches!

Then it was off to a massage with my SIL – Aaaaammmmaaazzziinnggg -stop for chocolate malts, a fun-filled naptime for the parents (brown chicken brown cow), then dinner with friends and a sleep-over….yes a sleep-over. Like in 5th grade…only with booze.

Emmicakes made me an amazing cake:

Which not to nerd out on you, but it has something to do with this guy.

We had intentions of sitting around the firepit and making s’mores, but after birthday cake, who has room for s’mores? But give us 12 hours and we will rally. The next morning I turned to emmicakes and declared ‘let’s make s’more pancakes!’. You can probably guess they were amazing.

Andy stopped by on his way home from work and we all hung out and chatted for a bit. Then it was home again time. I spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house. Doing regular stuff like laundry and watching movies. It was a great weekend.

Things took a bit of a freeze during the week, but Thursday night it was back to celebrating. My dad came down to take me out to dinner and to pass on a pretty amazing heirloom. More on that coming soon.

Friday we took Pickles (emmicakes hubster) out for his birthday….which I choose to believe is actually about me….because duh, it is all about me. My in-laws watched Jack and brought me some delicious cookies, which lasted me three days…so in my book the celebration went on for another three days based on cookie consumption alone.

Just a great, great Spirit Transformation Journey Anniversary.


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