Nat and Kate plus…poo

Something really whacked out happened this weekend. We went to this big consignment sale to pick up some more fall/winter clothes for Jackhammer. I figured we should pick up a potty….OMG guys the word potty is ridiculous. I can not believe I am writing that word and what is worse! GASP I have actually said that word. OUT LOUD….with my mouth!

Anyway, it isn’t like we were AT ALL planning on doing anything with the….the….the potty (cringe) it was more that I wanted to have it on hand just in case. I mean I don’t actually know what I am doing here, it just seemed like a logical thing to do to maybe put it in the bathroom and let Jack get used to it or whatever he felt like doing.

It must be pointed out that Andy was thoroughly grossed out at buying a….a….a potty chair (ugh) at a consignment sale. In fact he would not only not touch it, but he would stand a good two feet away from me while I carried it around. Really? Maybe I would have done the same two years ago. But I have touched so much poop and not just my kid’s but others, that it doesn’t even bother me…not to mention that the chair we picked out was completely clean.

But when we got home I bleached it just to make him feel better. Now the smart thing about Andy is as we were standing amongst the selection of potty’s he chimed in that having one that looked like a frog maybe wasn’t the best idea…perhaps the best idea was to have one that looked more like a toilet because if we bought him the frog one he might just want to try and ride it around the house and never make the connection. Perhaps Andy is right? Who knows, but despite thinking the frog one was cute, we went with the plain jane chair.

Jack was super interested in it after I got it all cleaned up. He had to take it all apart and put it back together. Sit on it, then get off, shut the lid, then open it and take it all apart, repeat basically. I just had it next to the toilet in our bathroom, but after about 20 minutes of playing I was like ‘okay buddy let’s go play in the living room’. And he picked it up and brought it out into the living room. Eh whatever. Our evening proceeded. He played with other stuff, then went back to the potty to check everything out.

Later he was sitting on the couch with us and he let out this huge toot. ‘Bahhaaa you got something going on buddy? You want to try out your potty?’ I didn’t really know what I was doing at this point. But I stripped him down and then we proceeded to laugh as he ran about the living room pantsless. Is there anything more hilarious than a pantsless baby? I think not. He went back and forth to the potty (yep still makes me cringe) and would get on and then back off.

Andy and I sort of zoned out for a sec and then I looked down and realized there was a poop in there! WHOOAAAaaa. We were not expecting that at all. Jack was standing there like ‘eh no big deal’. I turned to Andy and said: ‘holy shit, he did it!’. We started clapping for him, which he obviously loved. Then I proceeded to pick him up and run to the bathroom with him straight out in front of me….because duh, there was poop on his butt. Gross! We cleaned him off, with TOILET PAPER instead of wipes. So big. Then we both pondered what to do next….it is sort of a huge deal, but also really fucking disgusting. I suddenly realized that Kate, from Jon and Kate +8 really isn’t as crazy as I originally thought. I saw an episode where she took a picture of one of her kids with their first poo and recall saying ‘OMG that is so disgusting!!!!’

Then suddenly you are standing there realizing what a huge accomplishment this is and thinking ‘should I be taking a picture?’ I decided not to, because at the end of the day, YUCK. But Andy was hilariously cute and proceeded to call all of his parents to tell them about Jack’s pure genius.

The excitement suddenly turned to worry as we realized we have no idea what comes next. We were not prepared for this shit, literally. We chatted and have come up with a plan…which is not surprising. Our “plan” is to just see what happens. Whenever he starts wanting to play with the chair or we suspect he might be ready to “go” I will get him naked, but then no pressure for anything after that. And we will just see what happens.

I am fairly positive that I will be writing a post or two in the future saying ‘I had to clean shit off the floor tonight’, but who knows maybe our plan is a good one, we shall see.


9 thoughts on “Nat and Kate plus…poo

  1. First, hahahahahahaha!

    Second, can you clarify your issue with the word potty? Is it just bc it’s such a mom thing to say? If so, I’m with you. Otherwise I’m completely baffled.

    Yeah, I couldn’t bring myself to do the potty seat. Do you know what you have to do after they go potty (which, at this point, I really hope you figured out). You have to CLEAN the potty. Now, I don’t know about you but toilet cleaning is not something I care much for. It’s bad enough to have to clean the “big” potty but to then have to clean the potty chair (and I mean REALLY clean bc you know they like to put their toys in it when they are done…toy chest or potty chair…same thing) is just too much for my laziness. Instead I opted for a seat that fits over the big potty. Way cleaner and easier…although, being able to watch cartoons while sitting on the potty chair may have it’s advantages.

  2. Way to go Jack!! OK first of all, we went to a consignment sale last week and as I passed by the potty’s I thought to myself, that seems like an odd thing to sell. Well now I know that it’s not such an odd thing, and maybe I’ll look into one next time around. 🙂 Second of all, I’m sure you’ll just love this story but I have to share, when my brother first did the deed, he was in the bathroom and was so excited that he ran out yelling about his accomplishment. My parents went in to see and my poor brother was bent over peering into an empty potty…the dog had gotten in there while my brother was out celebrating and cleaned up all evidence of his triumph. That is a story that still gets told today. So I’d say TAKE A PICTURE! You never know how long the evidence will be there, haha!

  3. ummm… kid fucking genius? what is he – 18 months? my son likes to run around naked and shit on the floor and stuff but has showed NO interest in the potty. That’s smokin advanced, yo!

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  5. Way to go! I can’t believe you’re already starting potty training! I am so just waiting for us to move and get settled and have the new baby and then get settled again and maybe THEN we’ll (I’ll) be ready. But I’m hoping and praying that, like most things, S will somehow find a way to just tell me he’s ready and it’ll be just as easy as getting him off the paci was!

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