Bosom Friend

I loved me some Anne of Green Gables growing up. From reading the books to wearing the shit out of the VHS tapes, I probably still have every line memorized. Every time I say the words ‘I’m sorry’, I won’t lie that in my mind I hear the way those crazy Canadians say sorry…all drawn out like ‘I’m soar-reyyy’. I can’t type it. You just have to know it.

If you aren’t familiar with A.G.G (which is what all the cool kids know it as….you down with A.G.G. yeah you know me! I’m down with A.G.G…..oh deari apologize for that) then you already know that the term “bosom friend” isn’t technically meant to be naughty. It is like a friendship you hold dear to your heart….or your bosom. But if you know me, then you know that the term bosom friend pulls at my childlike heartstrings yet appeals to my ridiculously inappropriate side.

Today I am saying Happy Birthday to one of my bosom friends, Oak! Girl be turnin’ older on me and I really must get a little sappy for a sec and say, this girl is one that I hold dear to my heart. And the term bosom friends has additional meaning for the two of us, because our boys were born 3 days apart. So every bosom issue we went through breastfeeding and then pumping, we went through together. We have been each other’s sounding board, she has taught me how to have grown up relationships with my Step-mother (notice how I do not refer to her as the Evil Temptress anymore? see growth!) and a couple old friends.

And I have taught her…..hmmm….well probably not a whole heck of a lot actually. Oh wait! I know! I have taught her about grass root structure! There’s one she didn’t know before we were friends. Oak, aren’t you so glad we are friends?…..I guess I need to work on what I bring to the table.

Hey I thought of another thing! I come up with extremely bad ideas! Remember this one? Yep! All me.

You do have a hot ass by the way 🙂

Happy Birthday to one of my Bosom Friends!


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