Mean Boys

I will be the first person to admit that bitches be crazy and mean to one another. Unfortunately, despite my hippie dreams, we are not all lovey dovey towards one another and like ‘hey sister, can I braid your hair for you?’. More often than not we are like holy shit! look at that girl, she has a booger in her nose. BAHHAAAA I am totally not going to tell her!

We can be catty….but let’s face it we can also be awesome and sweet to one another…what is this called?…oh yeah – being a human. We have flaws and shit, but then we redeem ourselves. I find it pretty strange that there is this general consensus that women are mean and that men are not. Men can totally be mean.

Maybe not in the same way as we can be, but they can totally show their own proverbial claws at times. This idea that men are simple and uncomplicated, thus not having the time/energy/see a need to be mean to others is just kerfluie…is that how you spell that?

This project at work I am helping with involves reviewing surveys revolving around operations and what have its in this particular city…..trying not to be too specific here. Most of the survey involved those “pick a range of satisfaction” questions. But a few were write-in. Overall the survey results were positive, with people offering their suggestions but also saying ‘we love how things work, but THIS would make it even better’.

As I was writing out my conclusions from the survey I was thinking ‘wow these are some nice people’. Then I get to this one write-in comment that is open for “any additional comments”. And someone said “this survey and the people associated with it are a total waste of money and time”. Awesome.

Now this isn’t like a super personal comment, because really I am just helping out another department with this project, but I couldn’t help but take a little offense. I mean, did you really need to write that out? What’s worse is, I know his information because it wasn’t an anonymous survey.

I want to take his info and write him a letter saying ‘hi, why did you even waste your time and ours writing that comment? we are trying to get input on what sort of improvements can be made and you get all assholish on the survey? At minimum you could have said this survey is a waste of time, but left off the part about the people associated with it’ But alas, obviously I won’t do that. Blatant acts of meanness are just bothering me right now.

Maybe I am overly sensitive? Probably so. I am always overly sensitive. But I am going to file this guy’s name in the back of my head and if I should ever run into him (highly unlikely) I will at least try to close a door in his face or something. Because whilst I might talk a big talk, at the end of the day I am passive aggressive as shit.


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