A Want Ad

Wanted: Man-friends for my husband so I don’t have to pretend like I know what he is talking about when he comes home excited that his 451 Cleveland motor does some sort of special magic tricks or something and that he is more in love with Herb every day and that Herb needs his own Christmas present because he is now a member of the family and does such-and-such bronco website have a “wishlist” option like amazon? and oil changes are now super critical because of some-reason-or-another….man-friends please come to my rescue!

I really just don’t think I have the ability to dispense the adequate amount of emotion when I don’t know what Andy is talking about. I want to be able to display an adequate amount of concern when I hear that some component might need replacing soon. Or get insanely excited when he tells me how awesome some doo-dad is, but what is really going on is this.

I Hear: Blah blah blah blah

I See: mouth moving, words coming out

I Say to Myself: Wow I should probably know what is going on here considering we have been together for 13 years…..nope still don’t know what he is saying….hmmm does his inflection suggest something bad or something good? quick say something ‘Oh awesome!’….nope he saw right through that….’so that’s neat’….hmm that seemed to work kind of. Man there has to be someone somewhere who would know what he is saying. I need to find that person and pay them to take over right now.

I mean I seriously try here people. I do. I get the general idea of how engines work and what not, but when he starts talking about gear ratios and other technical things my mind just shuts down. As if it is allergic to car talk or something. I want to be more interested in it, I am just not. *sigh*

Anyone have a spare man-friend around that I could borrow?


5 thoughts on “A Want Ad

  1. I totally do. He’s called my husband. And all he talks about is hockey (except that there’s a lockout now but he just flipped into talking about the lockout and has ramped up his man-love for football (which always existed but was secondary to hockey)). So if you can assure me your husband will talk sports with mine in addition to cars, then I can throw him your way. Oh wait… fuck! I live in Canada. Wanna move up here?

    • um yes!…Although I am not sure Andy has the ability to talk hockey. Football yes, but whilst we both love hockey we aren’t well-versed in how to talk about it. Although if there is a lock-out happening then I suppose we only need to be able to say ‘darn that lock out!’

  2. Seriously… I’m in search of a man friend who can talk airport/airline crap with my husband… but who won’t talk sports because that makes him uncomfortable like he has to pretend to care (sounds familiar to me!). It also has to be a man friend who isn’t high maintenance and needy, or else J gets annoyed and gives up on pursuing the friendship. Anyone out there like that??? =)

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