Maybe the Change is Here

Man I feel like a stood up prom date when it comes to this finding a new job thing. I feel like there have been so many amazing interviews and it feels like at the end of each one they are chomping at the bit and then I wait….and I wait…and I wait.

Basically I have deduced that these are all great people with so much to offer, but the timing is just really not right. Hopefully it is just for right now, hopefully if I hang out for a year or two and keep in contact that perfect/ideal/dream opportunity will pop.

But until then, I am finding myself re-dedicated to the here and now. I blame the Japanese for that one. I was watching a documentary and the subject said (loosely regurgitated by me) that you should dedicate every part of yourself to mastering your job. I have really been slacking on that….we should all be like that right? Fully dedicated to completely mastering our craft. Whatever that craft might be. I know I had a dry spell where I wasn’t present. I had even gotten to the point where, I will admit, I was not even interested in learning another thing about my current position. I was just ready to get out.

There is just something sexy about the whole starting fresh thing. I love to learn. LOVE IT. But I like to learn new things, about a plethora of different subjects….sitting at one job for 5 years just….well it was getting stale.

Well things have gotten un-stale and it is like I have turned a new leaf. I am finding myself challanged and engaged and…well overwhelmed at times, but that is good too. Shit has gotten a bit awesome around here and I am starting to wonder if I can turn this into what I want after all……we shall see.


5 thoughts on “Maybe the Change is Here

  1. I am in such a funk right now at work, I needed to read this. Of course I should be dedicating myself to my job, but I just have other things going on in my head that are distracting me, I’m tired, a little bored, and just counting down the minutes until I can go home each day. That’s no way to spend the majority of my day, so I need to be like you and make things un-stale, or try to learn ways to better serve my students. I’m glad to hear things are awesome once again in your world and I hope they continue to stay that way!

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  3. You’re positive attitude about work, and life in general, is so contagious. Maybe you should become a motivational speaker. I’d pay to see one that curses and talks about Brazilian waxing. 🙂

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