The Great White North

I think I mentioned about 80 years ago, how this is a big year….alright you got me, I wasn’t alive 80 years ago. It is our 30.30.10 year, aka the year Andy and I both turn 30 and we celebrate our 10th anniversary… might be ridiculous to clarify this, but by “this is the year” I sort of just mean a 12 month period. It actually spans from 2012-2013 if you want to get technical about it….and maybe you do. In which case, there’s the information you need.  Basically this year we okay I wanted to do something BIG like Bigger than BIG.

The original “plan” (which was no plan at all more just my brain ramblings of places we could go), was Cape Town….I would still LOOOoooovveee to do that…..someday. The truth is, we have a kid! Who knew? There was no easy way of thinking about Africa with a two year old. We were either looking at leaving him for 12ish days, asking others to get him too/from daycare or to take off work, or take him with us on a 23-ish-hour one way trip….eerrrrr… I love my kid and I know he is awesome, but I also admit that he has his limits. And I am more than certain those limits end way before the 23 hours of travel mark.

Also there’s this other thing, perhaps you’ve heard of it?, money. So you have to have shit tons of money to get to Cape Town…namely about $2K per person just for the flights. I was all about breaking out the old credit card for this one and then something weird happened when I turned 30…I grew up. Whoa. Sad to admit this, but I realized having credit card debt looming over you at all times sucks total ass (have I mentioned how my blog is now blocked from some computers and it lists it as “pornographic”….and I see that as a bit of an accomplishment….Could be the language).

Thinking about adding $6-10K onto a credit card just seemed like the stupidest idea in the whole world. So…I sort of pushed South Africa onto the back burner for a sec and looked at other options.

Then something amazing happened, which I wrote about yesterday, work got awesomesauce. I found out I would be working on some seriously amazing new projects and one of them happens to be in the Great White North, i.e. Alaska. Andy and I have always wanted to go to Alaska, hell we’ve even considered moving to Alaska. So when the opportunity to go came up, I decided this was my 30.30.10 trip opportunity.

It perhaps isn’t as sexy and exotic as two weeks in South Africa, but considering 1/2 the trip will be paid for…I am thinking it is pretty sexy and exotic looking now. All this is to say that we are leaving for Alaska in 4 days. Yep Alaska in November, that is our big amazing trip. I can’t guarantee that we will ever come back. We might just stay there….although they did just pass that pot thing in Colorado…sooo…..

I promise to tell you all about it….or aboot it because Alaska is basically Canada right? wink wink 🙂 I have to say my main goal is to try and see the Aurora Borealis. I hear this is supposed to be one of the best years for it, but the chances are so low it is almost discouraging….but maybe just maybe we will see it. A girl can dream.


8 thoughts on “The Great White North

  1. My parents went to Alaska with a bunch of their retired friends and they loved it! Seriously, Alaska is supposed to be great – what an adventure! I’m hiding in your suitcase.

  2. I saw the AB and wasn’t even looking for it. I think that’s the key–you have to stop looking and let good things come to you. Oh, and it was as amazing as they say it is. Good luck!

  3. I just love that you are getting the chance to do this. You are such a doer and I love that about you! Oh yeah, and you’d better come back. I have big plans for testing the laws in your state and staying with you while I do it!

  4. Yay!!! What an awesome trip and opportunity. I must say, I’m disappointed Cape Town didn’t work out. I’ve been twice (thanks, Navy!) and it’s as amazeballs as it sounds and I was totally looking forward to being your travel guide! 😉 But maybe you can save that for another big anniversary…..when Little Dude is old enough to stay home alone! Have fun!!!

  5. Well hey! I hear Alaska is totally amazing, too. Not as exotic, but I bet if you were from Cape Town it totally would be. Anyway, good work making a vacation out of what you had lying around.

  6. AWESOME! Nothing better than a trip being paid (mostly) by someone else! It’s the only way I like to travel.

    If my math is correct (which, sadly, is not a given) I believe you are there now. Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

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