Here’s What You Are Looking For

So I returned from vacation to see something really strange on my blog. For those of you who don’t have wordpress, there is this thingy in the top bar that shows you activity on your blog. Mine is usually pretty minimal, there are like 8 people (the same ones who are on my payroll), who check in every once in a while. Normally that sucker looks pretty small. So when I got back and saw this strange graphic I was like ‘What the Hell?’

Basically my readership spiked, giving a penis-effect, if you will, to my bar graph….so what happened? Well SIF talked about me visiting. She is like an actual blogger, not just a word-vomit blogger like me. So she has a readership of like a billion people. She’s good people though, she still pretends like we are friends and that she knows my name or something even though her fame has taken her far beyond us little people, just kidding.

Anyway since she linked me apparently like 150 of her readers came over to see who the fuck I am…that answer is – no one. But I got the penis-graph going on in my bar up there. When I figured out what must have caused it, I texted her that people were just checking to see if I would slip up and release any juicy details about our amazing time in the sack. She said it was time the truth came out, since her blog is all business (bahhaaa) I figured it should happen here. So here is what you were all looking for….assuming any of you stuck around to find out:

Let me tell you now SIF is Aaaammazing in bed. She is beautiful and passionate and just…just…so wonderful. I was about to say ‘if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend hooking up with her’, but then I realized that might be turning a fun little joke into an actual inappropriate comment and makes her sound like a prostitute….SIF is not a prostitue. Me on the other hand?…..hmmm 🙂

I am pretty sure folks came over, realized I had nothing super juicy to talk about and left, so now we are back to it just being the 8 of us again. Whew, so much better with less pressure to perform. I was going to have a flacid penis-effect if I had to deal with the kind of readership she has….now that it is back to just us we can get down to the real juicy stuff……as in not a whole heck of a lot.


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