I Am Not Really Sure What Is Happening

Life is a crazy wild ride, is it not? I mean I will admit, there are days when I am like ‘this is boring!’ And then I try to spice things up a bit. But lately…lately I am overwhelmed by the crazy whips and turns and corners my life seems to take. I am not sure what is happeneing…..I am trying to just go with the flow.

Which gives me a good jumping off point – where the fuck is my period? Before you get excited, I tested on the Friday after Thanksgiving and no….nothing. I was telling my buddy how silly this whole situation is. Three years ago I started acupuncture because I was on the cycle from hell (200 days, fuck me) without a hope in the world. The acu got me cycling again and voila! Pregnant with Jack. This go-round I was cycling, though a little strangely, but not getting pregnant, so I start up acu and now I am not cycling. Are you confused? Because I am. Who knows what is going on?

Shhiiiittt!!! I forgot to tell you dudes! I finished my run! My SIL turned on her “map my run” and we ended up running 4.3 miles in a 4 mile race….how one might ask? I will tell you – assholes. I shit you not, I was ready to tear some heads off because people would start walking right in front of us and create a giant 30 foot wide baracade so we had to zig zag back and forth the entire race. I was about to yell “walkers move to the RIGHT!” until I realized I would look like an ass, oh, and also it was Thanksgiving…..whoopsies.

Before pic

Have I mentioned I am an angry runner? I was just so determined to run the entire way and I saw all these people as de-motivators. Like they were billboards saying “you should just walk, it is easier!”. I just wanted them out of my way. In retrospect I signed up for the wrong heat. I should have gone a couple of heats earlier, but I wasn’t certain when I signed up that I would be ready to run the whole way. I will know better next time.

After photo….sunbeams hiding how freaking red I am

Anyway, back to crazy life. I don’t really want to get too deep into it right now, but basically there are three major forces all impacting me at once:

  1. The job awesomeness
  2. A job prospect
  3. Oh and….Andy wants to move to Alaska…..and I kind of do too.

Basically I am a little like deer-in-the-headlights, just stunned and confused. I don’t know exactly what will happen, but I can say that changes appear to be inevitable. What they are though, I have no idea. Hang on to yer panties, these winds might get wild.



9 thoughts on “I Am Not Really Sure What Is Happening

  1. Congrats on finishing the run, and going above and beyond b/c of all the slow walkers in front of you! Do you chart your BBT? Damn, I really hope AF shows up soon and acu seems to work like it did last time. Good luck with all these inevitable changes coming up!

  2. HIGH FIVES! I FUCKING HATE RUNNING! So you did a great job for both of us.

    It sounds like you’re in an interesting psychological place, with lots of waiting for something to happen to move you forward (pregnancy–dude, I have no useful information but will send some gushing blood all over the place vibes your way…I’ll try to make them specific, but don’t be surprised if you get a head wound…), employment, relocation… It’s all pretty major stuff, so I imagine it might feel…stunning and confusing. I’ll be interested to see which busts out first.

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