Guess What? I’m Still Fat

GRRRRrrrr…..there are so many things that are frustrating me today….lack of a period for one, but also I found out on Saturday that I am still as fat as I was a year ago…AWESOME!

Let’s recap shall we?

  • I gave up wheat, rice, potatoes, beans, and pretty much everything else that I really love to eat..oh lest us not forget beer?.. I have had zero beer in 3 months!…although cider is a good substitute, so I guess that negates that complaint.
  • I did bootcamps with a group of body builders, where I almost died
  • I did hot yoga where I was convinced I lost 3lbs a class
  • I trained for 3 months for a 4 mile run, running 3-4 times a week

That whole time I stayed away from the scale. “It isn’t important” I told myself. “All that really matters is how you feel and how your clothes fit”. Now I know what everyone and their mom will say ‘you just gained muscle!’…..yeah but….but that muscle should have eaten off some of this belly fat by now….right I mean after a year of pretty good levels of activity.

And sure, I can say that I feel amazing, health-wise. I can honestly say, this is probably the heathiest I have ever been…..but the weight….and more importantly the size… isn’t so much the weight number. If I weighed 200lbs and fit into a size 8 pant I would be like ‘fuck it!’….but that is dramatically not the case. My mid-section is just frozen in space and time. It just doesn’t want to go anywhere……

Alright so I hate to write an entire post about bad stuff. So let’s focus on some good. Basically the regions from my mid-thigh, down to my feet and from mid-bicep to my hands – is in great shape. Also from my neck up is not too bad. HAHAHA. Stupid 80%/middle section of my body.

Okay okay okay…so I probably should take a closer look at my food. I have been eating really healthy, but how much am I eating? I dunno….also I have totally lost interest in the wheat elimination thing, so maybe I should give that a go again….oh and sugar….I am almost positive that if I did a true sugar cleanse, some dramatic changes would occur.

Alright body…fine….I guess I will keep trying. But I am telling y’all. If I still weigh this amount in 6 months then I am seriously just going to give up. Being 30 is dumb…..stupid fat middle-age-dom


6 thoughts on “Guess What? I’m Still Fat

  1. A) you will be pregnant in 6 months
    2) you are hot so stop worrying about it
    iii) I can’t help but correlate difficulty shedding pounds and your lack of a period. Maybe time to check out those hormone levels?

  2. Damn that Oak and her smart and logical point making. She said what I was kind of thinking only better than I would have. You however are not fat and I don’t like that talk. Got it!

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