Life is a real lesson. I know every day I am being reminded of this fact, but today….well the last 36 hours more specifically,  have been a real reminder of just how much of a lesson it can be.

How to conduct yourself, how to deal with difficult situations, etc. etc. This is something I am learning constantly.

Some events tell you it is time to cut the tethers and fly away….and others tell you that this might be a real challenge, but you have to work through it. I am not certain which lesson I am in the midst of learning right now….I am not sure if I should stick this one out, or if it is the universe saying – here’s your permission that this journey is coming to an end and you need to start something new – but I am all ears right now.

It is funny how every time I start worrying about a potential conflict I could encounter – like letting someone I care about down – something happens that reminds me that maybe it is okay to put yourself and your dreams first.

I know this is incredibly ambiguous….I wish I had more specifics to give, but I do think that everything happens for a reason….of course no one tells us what that reason is. Bottom line is life is moving forward. I can’t wait to figure out where we’re going!


5 thoughts on “Learning

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  2. I love that line about it being ok to put yourself and your dreams first. I think that is what I need to figure out. What do I want and what are MY dreams?

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