Learning part deux

We had a fantabulous weekend. I cuddled with my boys and was reminded of all the things that are truly important in life.

To offer a little clarity, last week’s post was regarding work and a tough situation with a client….one of my favorite client’s. Basically I was in the throws of having a rough go of things, but suddenly a light bulb went off in my head – this is happening for a reason…..this might make things a little bit easier for you to make a decision….you need to embrace what is happening right now….eyes and ears open, mouth shut.

So that is kind of the ambiguous gyst of things. The future seems so simple and clear, yet so insurmountable at the same time…..it is really strange to have to face those two drastic differences. But I am going to figure it out! I am constantly surprising myself, so I am sure this case is no different.

For example, yesterday I was at the hardware store contemplating whether to buy the 5′ section of PVC pipe, which I knew would fit in my car, or the 10′ section which was 1/2 the cost, but I was not sure would fit……and the results? I fit that shit in my car! Yeah dudes. Now 2x4s are a different beast. I can only fit 8′ long 2x4s in my car, but PVC is all flexible and that shit fits! Woohoo…..alright so that is just an example of a small accomplishment, but life is just kind of a series of small accomplishments.

It is when you combine all those small ones together that you realize how amazing your life has been – how wonderous and unique. I mean think about it – someone could have been doing the exact same thing I was doing yesterday. Someone else doing a project out of PVC could have been standing at their hardware store trying to visualize how it will fit into their cars. Same small task, yet drastically different overall picture.

That is sort of what makes the world so amazing to me. We are all similar, yet so very different. Man you would think I had a philosophy degree or something…..I am a rambling fool.

One last thing that sticks out at me – you know how everyone tells you that life maintains a certain balance. When things are going really well in one arena, they seem to suffer elsewhere? Probably everyone and their mom has heard that one. Well last week was totally the case. Things were sucking major ass with this project, then I returned home bracing myself for what might be ahead. But I was completely surprised to be greeted with an amazing relationship dynamic this weekend and an extra snuggly baby toddler.

I mean this isn’t always how things work. Sometimes shit hits the fan on all fronts and you are like ‘WTF Universe?’. But sometimes it is perfectly balanced, just as those people told you.


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