The End = The Beginning

It is becoming more and more of a reality that I actually have to quit this job in order to go to the new one… quit!…..

Quitting in general doesn’t seem that bad….at least if I don’t have to tell anyone about it. Perhaps I can just stop coming to work? Pull an “Office Space” type situation.

So you’re going to quit?

No, I am just not going to go anymore.

Maybe I could stage my own death and pretend I was killed in some terrible architectural drawing accident?

The plotter….*sniffle*….she didn’t see it coming!

Or maybe the best plan yet – witness protection. Just disappear and start over….although you think you can do that in the same City?….something tells me they wouldn’t go for that.

I guess that only leaves one option really – I am going to have to actually resign. Damn it! We need to come up with a better way people…..get to work!

Perhaps I haven’t mentioned this, but the only job I ever quit for a bigger and better job was when I was 17. I left a fast food joint to work at the grocery store. It was for a whole $1.50/hr raise….that was some serious money. Every other job I left was for other reasons: moving to California, boss took a leave of absense, moving to New York, moving back to Colorado.

Each time I had to give my notice/leave, everyone knew it was coming (sort of hard to hide an impending graduation)…. it was sad, but it was also kind of expected.

This is going to be so much harder…..I literally cried 3 times on the way to work last Friday at just the thought of having to face my boss….and I wasn’t even planning on telling him for 2 more weeks!….What a sap.

The truth is – the people here are wonderful. I love them. They have become part of my family….my hippie village, if you will. So even with promises of ‘let’s not lose touch’, I know it isn’t going to be the same. We will lose touch…’s inevitable. So it also feels like a great loss to leave this job. A wonderful and amazing adventure awaits, but it does involve carving out a little piece of myself and leaving it behind.

Man I need to work on not getting so attached to people! Seriously

Any suggestions on resignation tips…should I bring a cake or something? Maybe hire a singing telegram?…..LOL. Also what is your preferred duration? I have a mind to tell my boss next Friday (4 weeks notice)….although I am pretty sure it will take me another week to get the balls to do it. So maybe 3 weeks notice?…..what to do? what to do?

I am so ready for the beginning…..but so not ready for this end.


6 thoughts on “The End = The Beginning

  1. Hm…., not much help here. The one job I quit, I cried telling my boss. Also, I gave 2w notice (not required in CO, but required in MN, and good karma anyway). Good luck!!!

  2. I’ve only ever had to leave one job for bigger and better too, and it totally made me sick to my stomach! I don’t envy you at all friend, and I have absolutely zero advice. Sucks to be you? 😉

  3. I left Job ABC for Job XYZ when I moved to a new city. Job ABC could have transferred me to the new city’s office, but they were being difficult. Their loss. I wrote up a really nice resignation letter and set up a meeting with my boss. Surprisingly I do not remember crying.

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