Alrighty Then

I can be such a worry wart. It really doesn’t suit me well. I feel like the best place for me is to either be in action or to be content with inaction….did anyone just catch how confusing that is? in action vs. inaction. Such a silly language we speak/write.

I always thrive on information, which is why I usually ask friends, family, coworkers, etc. a bazillion questions about things. Thus the question of the past experiences of you all with putting in notice.

Turns out, I didn’t even need advice. Silly me. Apparently my boss decided when exactly I would be giving my notice by being on vacation for another week and a half. Putting him in the office smack-dab before exactly 3 weeks from NJ-day (New Job Day…or New Jersey Day, which ever you prefer). Alrighty then, I guess I won’t worry about whether 4 weeks or 3 weeks is better, I will go with 3, since it has been decided for me. I think that is best anyway. I have some serious tasks to get done in the next week and a half. Once those are out of the way, I will be in a better position to pass off my projects anyway…thus hopefully buffering the blow to my boss.

Each day I am faced with the challenge of balancing excitement and terror….okay well maybe terror is a bad term. I am trying to embrace the calm side of my brain that trusts everything will work out. That yes, there are unknowns, but it isn’t anything that can’t be overcome. And eventually those unknowns will be known…..why can’t I be more fluid about the unknown? Oh that’s right because I am a freakish controlly planner….yes controlly is a word now.

I am ready though. I am ready to drastically increase my quality of life. And I do plan on making it drastic. I am already busy brainstorming money-saving fun activities that we can do to fill our life with joy and wonder. I pulled out the hiking backpack a couple of days ago and adjusted it for Jack’s current size. He loved being in it. We were just in the living room, but he didn’t want to get out of it. So he spent a good 20 minutes just watching TV in the hiking backpack.

I checked out a book on Colorado snowshoeing trails and am going to check on snowshoe rentals at REI. Andy is heading out of town next weekend, but I have decided the weekend after is the perfect time to try out a new family sport.

I have been brainstorming ways to involve Jack in winter sports. I have been told by a couple of people that they started skiing at the age of 2. I am just not sure if I am ready to try that out. The ski area I frequent lets kids ski free under 6, so I am 1/2 tempted to try it out once this year, just to see where he is coordination-wise.

And I have also seriously contemplated wearing him on my back when I go skiing. My only fear there is that the pack will totally change my balance, and I tend to fall way more now that I telemark (because I start feeling like super good at it and get too cocky and then faceplant). Faceplanting is okay when it is just you and your bones you have to worry about. But I want Jack to love the outdoors, so perhaps dumping him into the snow repeatedly would detract from that? Who knows though, he could effing love it.

I think when I go up sometime I will check with the staff at the resort and see what their policy is on bringing kids in backpacks up on the lift line…..who knows. But in the meantime, snowshoeing seems like the best winter sport whilst wearing your child in a pack! So snowshoeing it is! With peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hot chocolate. Better quality of life on order.


2 thoughts on “Alrighty Then

  1. Maggie and Joe (the couple you met when you were up here) totally have Liam cross country skiing already (he does pretty good!) and we just got him out on ice skates this last week! He obviously can’t skate on his own, but it was fun watching him start to learn! I bet Jack would be totally into it too!

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