So I know on January 1st everyone reflects on the failings/short-comings of the past year and tries to improve on them, therefore me doing this now, is like me being the last one to the party…..but the party was a month ago and the occupants of the house moved to a new state. Hello! I am finally here.

I think as we become parents…well really just as we grow up as human beings, regardless of parenting – we are constantly recalibrating our lives. Trying to find the perfect balance of things. It is really only through trial and error that we find a balance. And then we think we’ve got it and then we tip over again….or at least that is how my life goes.

Wanting the most out of life often means sacrifices are made in certain areas and I will admit right now that Andy often gets the short-end of the stick. He doesn’t always get the best of me and in a way, that makes sense. It makes sense that Andy is the most understanding and adaptable and can roll with the punches of life. But that doesn’t mean it is always fair.

With my new career direction, I decided it was also time to make sure this period of time isn’t “all about me”. Because it isn’t. This is obviously a very exciting time for me and I have thanked Andy profusely for coming with me on this long journey that is life, and for supporting me and pushing me and all that smushy-wooshy stuff. But telling him is only a one-part component. We can’t just say, we also must do!

Friday I decided to be sick…I am getting all brave now that there are very few consequences. Take that…boss who doesn’t really care!

We dropped Jack at daycare, rented snowshoes and set off on an adventure, just the two of us. Adventures always have to have starbucks, chips and cliff bars. I don’t make the rules people, I just share those rules with you. We went up to a hike we had done two July’s ago with my dad. There was comfort in that we were familiar with the area, but there was newness in the fact that a coat of snow makes everything new and different.

We meandered up the mountain and took the opportunity, when the trail was wide enough, to hold hands as we trudged along. I can’t tell you the last time we actually held hands for an extended period of time. But it felt so sweet. When you spend 13 years with someone, things like holding hands while you walk can slip through the cracks. So can things like, taking a picture together…. I don’t remember the last picture we had together with just the two of us.


Until now that is! Look…so cute….doesn’t it just make you want to barf with the cuteness?

After our adventure we declared every Friday – Date Day. Although Fridays from here on out are just going to be half days….unfortunately I can’t be sick every Friday and still keep a job up. Lame. But 4 hours per week dedicated to just us will help keep the sparks alive, or at least that is the hope. I told Andy that my new observation about marriage is that you have to keep trying things until you find what works. And you have to keep at it until you die…..which was supposed to sound uplifting, but came off sounding a little depressing. Bahhaa I guess I should take “being a philosopher” off of my resume after that one.

The good news is, our Friday time led into Saturday and we *GASP* held hands for a little while again on Saturday! Can you believe it? Hand holding… 6th grade of us.


4 thoughts on “Reconnect

  1. I’m jealous you got time to hold hands with your husband. I can’t remember the last time we did that either! Even on our date night last week we drove separately (I met him after work) so we didn’t hold hands in the car. Funny how you say it’s like 6th grade, but it kinda is – after not doing it for so long. Good for you guys getting out together!!

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