Oh! Hi There.

So where the heck have I been? Apparently getting a new job is very time and brain intensive. Weird. I don’t find myself with long expanses of bored- down-time anymore. Funny how that works.

Things are going fantabulously. My first week was super crazy busy. Apparently they weren’t lying when they said they had immediate need. After that initial plunge things have tapered off a little and I have some more breathing room. That first Wednesday after leaving I had to give myself a shoulder rub to try to relieve the tension. It wasn’t bad-tension, more like ‘Oh shit don’t mess up your first submittals to a new client at a new job, while everyone who is important is copied on every e-mail’…etc. It was a little more high-profile than I was ready to handle. But then I found out my stress was self-inflicted and I should just chill the eff out.

I still haven’t figured everything out, but I have been asking a bazillion questions….so there’s that. I think it wouldn’t be that noticeable if it wasn’t for the fact that another guy started on the same day as me and he asks zero questions. Apparently he isn’t interested in knowing absolutely everything about everything right away. But as you might imagine, I am not that way. I want to know everyone’s background, what their specialties are, what they like to work on, what they want to do more of, etc. I am quite annoying…but the good thing about asking questions is after just 3 weeks here, I feel pretty at home.

A lot besides work has happened too. Let’s see, I am going to do this with pictures to keep it quick…first off – we’ve been enjoying winter a lot. See:


What else, oh yeah I crashed my scubie.


Poor Scubie! Don’t worry, everyone is okay, but it was a pretty sad time for me. My first brand new car….*tear*. Obviously the most important thing is that Jack and Andy and everyone in the other car was fine. WRX vs. Trailblazer….well you can see how that turned out. Needless to say scubie was totaled. But onward and upward…literally because I’d like you to meet Prunes, my new (yet old) 4runner.  photoprunes

Prunes is perfect for us. There is more room for Jack’s legs…apparently babies have those and they grow, who knew?

Alright sorry to do a drive by update, but wanted to let you all know I am still alive out here. I haven’t had time to catch up with you, but I will as soon as possible!.