Life is What Happens While You’re Away

Apparently a plethora of events happened while I took a blogeave-of-absense. It really wasn’t an intentional departure. Things just got crazy busy, but when I realized the things that transpired while I was away, it got me to thinking ‘maybe I should blogeave more often’. bahhaa…..I realize I crack myself up way more than anyone else.

I am still catching up with a pretty significant back-log of posts, but I will get there. Probably by the time I catch up, things will get crazy again and I will disappear.

This evening I came home bearing gifts of individually wrapped American cheese. Has your toddler gone through the stages of cheese yet? Jack started off devouring normal string cheese – and when I say devouring, we were buying a 24 pack a week – then we switched to the colby-jack cheeses, then it was jalapeno string cheese, and in the midst of me making him a grilled cheese one day, he realized that individually wrapped American cheese is pretty delightful as well….He really seems to take whatever cheese he can get. Is there such a thing as a cheese-a-tarian? Because he is that.

Anyhoodles, he met me at the door with his arms out-stretched and delightfully yelled “Mommy!!!” (pretty much the most amazing feeling in the world), so together we took the cheese out of the bag and put it on the designated “Jack’s Cheese Shelf”. I asked ‘do you want a piece of cheese?’, to which he responded ‘yeah’. I unwrap one and try to hand it to him and he responds ‘no I don’t want it’ in the plainest, perfectly-annunciated english I have heard out of him yet.

Now for those of you with kids about the same age, you can imagine my shock. I literally turned to Andy and said ‘did you hear that? it was perfect’. You get so used to translating toddler-speak, that when you hear something so accurate come out of your child’s mouth it is sort of amazing……now let me follow-up this statement by saying 10 minutes later Jack said “Oh Shit” plain as day as well….so that is a little less endearing and a LOT more worrisome…..but you can’t win them all.

That sort of incident will have you crawling back off your high horse of thinking ‘I have raised a brilliant child’ back down to the ‘bet he is going to teach that one to the kids at daycare tomorrow’.

Basically life is happening though….literally all the time. A week from today I will have a two-year-old. My chubby little nugget has turned into a real boy. He has rejected sitting in his high chair to eat, he crawls up on the back of the couch and jumps through the air barely making the seat, he puts on his own pants, socks and shoes, and at the park he likes to go down the highest and scariest slides they have….where did this person come from?

It is hard for me to even fathom that he is the same human that I grew in my belly. It goes so incredibly fast….you want it to slow down, but each step after this one is so new and exciting that you wouldn’t slow it down if you could anyway.

On the car ride home from the gym the other night Jack was in a particularly talkative mood. Sometimes it is as though he likes to practice every word he has learned that day so he won’t forget it. We were both giggling up a storm, so I started asking him a bunch of random questions….I love that game. It makes me laugh to see what he decides to answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to. Six months ago, pretty much any question you would ask would get a ‘no’, even if you said ‘Jack do you want $1 million?’.

But now I get more complex responses. “Do you like Grizzly Bears?” “uh yeah, Grrrrzzy Bears”. I started asking him “are you going to become a doctor?….are you going to be an astronaut?” and the I realized, it is weird to think about because eventually he will really become something….I mean obviously he is becoming something already, but you know what I mean.

We spend so much time seeing them as “our babies”, but someday other people will see them as something else. And it blows my mind… could be the sleepy brain writing, but it feels so amazing and surreal.



4 thoughts on “Life is What Happens While You’re Away

  1. How is he almost two already?!?! It seems like I was just reading your birth story, meeting you two for the first time when he was just a little one. He sounds like he’s at such a fun age right now though! Only bigger and better things to come for all of you. Hope work is still going well!

  2. Ah yes, the cheese stage. Babe has been in it for….all of her solid food eating life. She LOOOOVES cheese!!! But she doesn’t have a cheese shelf. Please don’t tell her Jack has one because she will be jealous and demand a cheese self and I don’t have room for that.

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