Pi Day

As a math nerd, I sort of love the fact that Jack was born on Pi Day. It gives me a sliver of hope that Andy’s math-loathing gene was not selected when Jack was formed….if you are a geneticist and are about to check the acuracy of that statement, you are reading the wrong blog. I continuously make up random bits of data.

I came home last night to Andy and Jack watching the video compilation that I put together at Christmas-time. The one that had me bawling my eyes out every night I worked on it, realizing my baby was getting so big. So the fact that he was watching it the day before the entire world (could be an exaggeration) recognizes that he is growing up quickly just made my heart and my baby-cooking parts ache.

Then Andy said something really thoughtful…..or at least it felt really thoughtful because I was suddenly realizing how barren I was. He said: ‘at least not having another baby has let us really watch him grow and just be devoted to him…I mean they aren’t little for very long…’.

Now for those of you big whores who were able to get pregnant right away, I HOPE you realize that that wasn’t a jab at you in any way. And I don’t think I EVER would have regret about getting pregnant again quickly….but it was a merciful statement that I needed to hear as I watched my big boy, who says things like ‘Muskox’ and ‘I want cheese’, watch himself as a teeny little roly-poly.

I was telling a friend it feels so long since it all went down, that saying I was ever pregnant or gave birth seems like something I made up in my head. Obviously Jack is a reminder that it happened….but did it?….did it really?

Watching your child get older is kind of the best and worst thing ever. I want time to stand still, yet I can’t wait for the things we will do next!

Anyway, tonight it is just me and my little man. Not sure what we will do, or where we will go, but as it’s a big day, I will have to come up with something!Jack craft

Happy Birthday little man! Everyone go eat some pie for Jack.


6 thoughts on “Pi Day

  1. Man, even time I see a pic of him I think that he is such a mini-me of your husband! Wow.
    IF sucks. I was telling Katie yesterday that now that I’m officially in my first cycle in 2 yrs, I’m petrified of getting pregnant right away, but even more afraid of NOT. *sigh*

    Happy birthday little man!

    • Hey from someone on the other end, take it if you can get it, that’s all I have to say. Just go with it Josey.
      He is totally a doppleganger of Andy. And he mimics him to no end as well. Which is extra hilarious.

  2. I totally get that statement, and try to remind myself over and over again to be present these next couple of months with Chloe before baby #2 is here. Have a wonderful night tonight with you and your sweet boy!

  3. Your friendly whore agrees–watching your kid grow up is the best and worst thing ever. And having two just means having twice that heartbreaking, amazing experience. Yours is truly an amazing winner. Happy birthday, little math nerd.

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