A Pinata Tragedy

I could not make this story up – just wanted to preface with that.

I live near a pinata store…..you read that right. There is a pinata store near my house! I am not sure how many people can actually claim that of their neighborhood….well obviously besides my neighbors.

The pinata store is named “La Pinata Feliz”….obviously. I mean who wants to go to “La Pinata Triste”? Not me, I can tell you that for sure. I like that the pinatas are happy….I consider them like free-range pinatas. They choose to be pinatas spreading happiness to families for a plethora of occasions.

Anyhoo, I have passed “La Pinata Feliz” twice a day almost every single day for the last 5 years. And every time I notice it I think ‘I need to get a pinata for our next party’….and then I drive 4 more feet and forget about it.

Well what better occasion to finally step foot into “La Pinata Feliz” than for Jack’s first birthday party. First of all, this store was awesome!. Second, they should rename it “La Pinata Feliz y Mas Grande” because those suckers are huge!!!! HUGGGEEE!!!!

Basically Jack and two of his friends could fit comfortably into most of them. They have an insane selection of types of pinatas. Jack was immediately attracted to the bottle of Corona pinata….which I had to diffuse. Good thing there was a massive football next to it. There were pooh bears and shamrocks and this weird thing that I think was supposed to be a werewolf, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.

Seeing as we chose a grizzly bear theme for Jack’s party (because he is crazy about bears right now – picks them out from anywhere, including off of a frozen food truck two lanes away on the highway a few weeks ago) I decided to ask if they could make a custom pinata…which of course they can. I mean this is “La Pinata Feliz” we are talking about, their whole world revolves about making you happy via pinata.

So I ordered a grizzly bear pinata, or an oso pardo (bringing the culture back into the blog!), Jack got handed a mexican sucker, and we went on our merry way. Sidenote: mexican candy is not my favsies. And whilst Jack loved the sucker, he handed it to me a few times to “hold for him”, getting slobbery sucker all over my hand, which I then licked and eeeeewwww. It basically tasted like slightly sweet food coloring. I just feel like if American candy makers and mexican pinata makers could team up, there would be no stopping them.

Back to the story: two days after ordering el oso pardo, I had a voicemail from “La Pinata Feliz”. Their pinata-maker had a terrible accident and wouldn’t be able to have my pinata done on-time….OMG! I called back right away. Obviously in my mind I was like ‘I ordered a pinata that caused this terrible accident!….I tried to kill “La Pinata Feliz’s” pinata-maker!’

Alas that was not the case. I don’t know what the exact accident was, but it sounded non-pinata-making related. Anyway he was going to be out for 3 weeks recovering and unable to make any pinatas. No big deal. I recalled they had a horse pinata that Jack really liked, so they set it aside for me. He is only 2 so, chances are he won’t hold it against me that I didn’t have a grizzly bear pinata for his grizzly bear themed birthday party…..although I guess I should start saving for the therapy bills just in case.

But what are the chances really? I mean, I am assuming that never, in the last 5 years of me living near the store, has the pinata-maker had a serious accident rendering him unable to make pinatas. Yet the time I finally go there to get a pinata, this happens….apparently I bring bad luck to pinata-makers. That’s all I have to say.

Now for those of you thinking “I bet that pinata wasn’t as big as she said it was…she’s a notorious exaggerater”. Well you’re right, I am, but it really was the biggest pinata I have ever seen. And look, proof!

pinatapinata horse

Seriously! He was riding on it! It was so sturdy. It took like 7 people many many hits to get it open. But I have to say, it was the most fun I have ever had with a pinata.


8 thoughts on “A Pinata Tragedy

  1. Holy crap, that pinata is amazing! The one and only pinata I have every purchased was in the shape of male genitalia for my sister’s bachelorette party. It was not as big as a horse (that’s what she said).

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  3. GOOD LORD!! I’ve never SEEN anything like that!! And the fact that he could ride it totally makes up for the fact that it wasn’t a bear!!

    And now I’m a little sad that I don’t have a happy pinata store in my neighborhood!

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