The Winningest Loser

I will never understand the selection process for government projects. So the good news is: we won the interview! We were the best most awesomest team! I stood in front of a pretty serious panel of people, one in which just the thought of who they are made me want to poo. But I didn’t poo, not only that – I impressed them….The bad news is: we lost the job to another firm who underbid us….lame. How they could possibly do the work for that little, I have no idea, because honestly I wasn’t sure how we were going to do the work with our low bid…..le sigh….I know it should be just an honor to have stood before the people we presented to, but I don’t actually feel that way. I feel pissed to be honest. The firm that won is not the best firm for the job…and this is a project that needed the best team. It deserved that attention. Knowing they weren’t even ranked as one of the top 3 teams after the interviews tells me that they weren’t really the best team at all…So I am not so much pissed because we didn’t win, I am just pissed that the project didn’t get what it deserved. And also because if it was just going to be based on money in the end, then why even interview in the first place? Just ask for bids and be done with it.

We devoted so much to it….today I walked back to the library to relinquish the books that I checked out on the building. I know I shouldn’t be as attached to these projects as I am, but I can’t help it. I make them important and then I can’t let them go. I am sure something else will come along soon that will make it all worth while. But today I am feeling defeated…..which is lame.

Also I am sick. Which is dumb. I had to travel Tuesday and Wednesday for another project. I think I am getting old or something, because apparently I am the person who catches things from flying on the airplane now. Like a feeble old woman. I used to love traveling for work… but now it is dumb….and lonely. Even this time I had someone to see and cute babies to snuggle for a few hours on Tuesday evening. That made this particular trip way better. But at the end of the day it is still less fun than it used to be. I still end up alone in my hotel room, sitting through all day meetings, and dealing with airports / rental cars / etc. I used to love it. But that was when I was childless. Now work travel is lame. Man I am like super Debbie Downer today! Reset and try again later.


3 thoughts on “The Winningest Loser

  1. Wow, I reeeeally don’t understand how you won the interview but then didn’t get the project. But I guess nothing the government does make sense sooo….

    But this means you are available for that next even awesomer job that is going to come up next. Doors closing…windows opening…etc. etc…

  2. I used to write construction bids in another life, and realized very quickly that it didn’t matter how awesome you were – only how cheap you were willing to do the work for. And with government projects, it is not uncommon AT ALL for the winning bid to wind up losing a lot of money because they underbid and the government doesn’t care…. Sometimes it is actually a good thing to lose! Look up buttercup, the sun will be out tomorrow! 🙂

  3. I’m always in favor of being a total downer, but I hope it passes quickly. It sounds like a pretty shitty experience, so frustrating and like you’d have to be even more of a badass than you are (which is mighty BAAAAAAAAAD) to not take a morale hit.

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