The Pinnacle

So I am not a runner….not really anyway. I am a leisurely jogger. I have always been that way and I will tell you right now, I probably always will be. But there is also something I can’t resist…and that is peer pressure from my sister-in-law. In the past it has been me pushing her to sign up for runs and yoga classes, etc. But this year she takes the peer pressure cake.

There’s a run in Colorado that’s pretty well been a part of my life since childhood: the Bolder Boulder. My Mom and Dad’s band played at the festival following the run a few times, and when I was in school up in Boulder I dropped friends off at the start and stood on the sidelines to cheer.

To call it a serious 10K would be a misrepresentation. I recall one year a group of guys ran past me carrying a tiki bar, then there was the 80-year-old woman dressed like a 4th of July fairy….you get the idea. Now that’s not to say it isn’t a serious race for some. After the public runs, they send the actual runners…you know the people who do it for a living and use the race as a qualifier for things like the olympics and what not.

I remember the first year I saw them. This huge herd of women rushed by in the blink of an eye and you couldn’t hear a thing. It was so silent, like their feet barely touched the ground as they ran. It was crazy.

Anyway, I had very little desire to ever take part in the race myself. In my opinion, if you’re going to go further than 4 miles, its time to get on a bicycle. Being a slow runner, it takes me almost an hour to go 5 miles…..that is a long time to be running.

But my SIL’s fiance….oh wait. Hey guess what? My SIL just got engaged! Woohoo! That is a very exciting story in and of itself, but I will have to tell it another time when I can add pictures and what not. Anyway her fiance ran it last year, and she – being a good girlfriend – dropped him off at the race and watched. For some harebrained reason she isn’t satisfied just watching others run it like I am, she wanted to participate this year…..which is hilarious as well…one sec.

So she sat there and  successfully convinced me that we could do it. We had run almost 4.5 miles during the Turkey Trot, so 6.2 really wasn’t that much further. I gave in after a couple of weeks and registered….Then do you know what that little butthead did? I say butthead in an endearing way.

She got a new job! That’s right. She changed jobs and then told me she wasn’t sure she’d have the day off yet…..I told her she was running it or I was going to murder her. There was no way someone was going to talk me into running that far and then back out on me. No way Jose!

Anyway obviously I am very scary and threatening…and also she is still in training, so she doesn’t actually have to work on Memorial Day. So she is back in.

The other hilarious part about her being the one to pressure me into it, is that while I have been training a lot for it, running about 4 miles 2x a week, she hasn’t trained at all…..not since our last 5K, which was a month ago!

What am I going to do with her?….I dunno, but since she forced me into this, I am determined to run it….so I might have to be all survival-of-the-fittest and ditch her if she needs to walk. That little punk will probably show up and run the whole damn thing though and be completely fine……that’s how tiny skinny bitches are :).

Anyway, so if you don’t hear from me again, it is probably because I died…FYI.


2 thoughts on “The Pinnacle

  1. Good for you!!! Hubs is ALWAYS trying to get me to register for some races, but I really don’t like running against other folks. And I’m still trying to get my endurance/speed back after not running my whole 2nd pregnancy! Maybe some day….I kinda feel like I owe it to my dad to run some races….maybe even a 1/2….someday!

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