Best Kid In the History of the World… EVER!

Don’t try to argue with me, let’s all just agree that Jack is the best person in the whole world. The most amazing, the most accomplished, the most attractive….all that and more.

I have just really been loving being a mom lately. That’s not to say he is also not a toddler and we haven’t experienced our fair share of fits…..let me tell ya, they exist. But they are also fucking hilarious. Exhibit A:


Bicycle meltdown – Somehow this kid got the bicycle gene. It comes from the men in my family. They are addicted to bicycles. My brother would randomly show up on our doorstep and say something like ‘I drank too much espresso today, and I just kept going’. I actually avoid meeting up with my dad for bicycle rides because he will say things like ‘we’re going to ride up this trail and have breakfast’, then 14 hours later they will stop by on their way back down. Basically what I am saying is *my maiden-name* men just can’t get off their bicycles.

Don’t get me wrong, I love riding my bike too, but I am no where near as extreme as them. So when this tantrum happened it literally made Andy and I laugh hysterically. Jack obviously wanted to go for a ride, but when mom ripped the valve stem while pumping up the tire….we had a real issue on our hands….And BTW no, you can not just put him in his Ergo and take him on your roadbike…he wanted that bicycle…obviously.

I actually had to hide his helmet and keep him from being anywhere near the garage for a few weeks because bicycling fucks with my knees. And crackly knees are not the best to have while you are training for a run (which went great also, if you were interested in an update on that…there it is).

Anyhoodles. So you can see even when he does throw fits, he throws hilarious fits that make very little sense and cause us to laugh at him…probably not the right reaction, but I am okay with it.

He’s just become a very considerate person. He’s always been cuddly and affectionate (he gets it from me), but he is also becoming really genuine. If you sneeze or cough he will put his little hand on your arm and say ‘You okay mommy?’ Just stab me in the eye with cuteness! Am I right?

Anyway I know everyone loves their kid and thinks they are awesomesauce….but I couldn’t help wanting to brag it up. Here are some more pictures!


We found him in the dryer one day….best parent award nominees?


He doesn’t let you look like an asshole alone. Now that’s a stand-up guy.


2 thoughts on “Best Kid In the History of the World… EVER!

  1. I love those pictures! And it’s no surprise that he’s such an awesome little kid. I mean, it’s almost impossible not to be with such a rad mama! I just used the word rad…fuck. I think that makes be decidedly un-rad. Whatever. I’m going to leave it in there as opposed to doing the sane thing and hitting the backspace key. Have you had enough of this comment yet? I have. Your kid is awesome and you are too. That is all.

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