The World Outside

There are times I wonder what my life would be like if I were a different person entirely. And I think that is what is great about the blogging world. We can be who we are, yet read about people doing completely different, yet also fantastical things…yes fantastical is a word, glad you asked.

I find myself embodying pieces of these other people, imagining that parts of their day become parts of my day. Why yes I did go hiking in British Columbia last weekend, then stopped at this picturesque farmer’s market in Ohio, and then I got home in time to watch Jack help Andy work on the bronco….and by “help” I mean get covered in dirt and grease.

To say that reading about other people’s lives has helped me out is an understatement. It is such a unique ability to be able to know so much about the thoughts and goings-on of complete strangers….it really feeds back to what I was like as a child.

I’ve always been a people-watcher – just infinitely fascinated by the fact that at another table in a restaurant were people I didn’t know in any way, but they had whole lives of their own. Perhaps the only time we would ever see one another would be this exact moment in time….and yet we say nothing to one another. I would never really know who they are, so it was as though I was intent on finding out anything and everything from that one 30 minute period.

Blogging is like people-watching, on crack. You can sift through bloggers as quickly or slowly as you’d like. Some days I find myself bouncing from link to link on blogs until I find one that captures my attention for a long enough time that I read more than half a post, or the ultimate – save it to my favorites. Sometimes I sit and think back ‘remember that blog I found about such-n-such, where was that?’…..But I’ll likely never find it again. Just like the strangers in the restaurant, we had our moment – nothing more came of it…thus, off we go in different directions.

I’ve met some of the most amazing people via blogging – met and “met”. Some of them have turned into a group of real-life friends….how strange right? Granted, Andy still refers to them as my imaginary friends….but they are real.
And in theory if things continued like this, in the next 50 years I would have such a strange, eclectic and geographically varied group of friends it would probably make my head spin….plus I will be old anyway, so things upstairs won’t function properly.

Sometimes, reading makes me realize how much I love my own life and where I am. But other times it makes me appreciate the beauty of a much simpler life. And those days I start to think to myself – how can I get there? Granted I stopped reading so many crafting blogs, because those ones had the opposite effect.

I can’t believe I haven’t made a bunch of scrap metal into an intricate turkey sculpture for my Thanksgiving table centerpiece! How lazy am I?

No, now I find myself focusing on the blogs who say nothing about their Thanksgiving table settings. I like looking at that stuff in magazines, but then it is easy to say ‘yeah but no one does that in real life’. Then you find the blogs of people who do it in real life and you are like ‘wow I am a sad lazy sack aren’t I?’

When I find a blog I really connect to, I find myself wondering if this person is just an alternate-universe version of myself?….what events in life would make it so my path would have taken those turns?

I stumbled upon and have been stalking a blog about a very active and free-spirited woman…several years younger. She speaks of her adventure high school where they camped and kayaked….could that have been me? Probably if my dad has his way it could have been.

I had lunch with him earlier this week and 75% of it was spent discussing his next adventures: Utah, New Mexico, then two high-altitude triathlons. The guy is like an outdoor adventure machine. I am like an outdoor adventure….something not machine-like (thinking of analogies is hard yo). I like being outside and I try to do it as much as I can, but even the little bit that I do, feels inadequate compared to my dad.

This girl I read about, she’s basically my dad’s dream daughter….well if she played guitar anyway…then I would really be out of a job. Good thing he doesn’t have any interest in the internet! Whew, I am safe. But she is exciting….and she’s not alone. There are people out there traveling the world and there are others just snuggling under a blanket with a cup of coffee and writing profound and beautiful things.

What an interesting world outside.


4 thoughts on “The World Outside

  1. You are so right. I love people watching too but blogging is like watching them on the inside. How cool is that! When I people watch IRL I make up stories about them, giving them interesting lives and back stories. But with blogging they give me the real back stories…and it’s usually way better than anything I can come up with in my head. 🙂

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