Happy Like a Pig…

Here’s the recap from last weekend…mostly in pictures. Because pictures are awesome. Night one – Jack and I were greeted by BU‘s hubby at the airport (if you go to her link you might notice she hasn’t posted in a while…ahem). She texted apologizing for not being there and I proceeded to send snapchats of her husband with long beautiful locks of hair. It was basically the same thing. We picked up wings on the way home…..yuuummmm. We might have had wings more than once while I was there, but I will not confirm nor deny…okay yeah we did. We ate them twice.


Full Day 1 involved stopping for a chai that “tasted like christmas”. Seriously probably one of the best chai’s I have ever had…and by I, I mean Jack and I. He drank about 1/2 of it….what? 2-year-olds are convincing yo. Don’t judge me!

Also notice how much whiter I am than BU? It is seriously ridiculous…Of course I showed her later that day by getting a sunburn! Take that tan person!…..yeah I still lose. Lame.

We drove up into the Rocky’s, her side looks weird FYI. I mean it’s the same mountain range, but it is not the same….far out man. Where were we going, one might ask? Why the Dirty Dash up in Soldier Hollow…Thanks for asking.

image (1)

Here’s what we looked like before.

image (10)

And here is what we looked like after!

It was such a blast. We opted for the 5K version instead of the almost 10K because seriously 3.5 miles of trail running with mud pits, walls to climb over, stacks of hay to jump, and an extreme hill that was slippery, is tough work. Plus BU was running the kid’s race with her son a couple of hours after we finished, so she knew she’d get more mud time.

It was awesome though. The gross part was when we ran down to the lake and basically through a “lake mud” obstacle. I’m sure you know what lake mud smells like……yeah see how there is mud almost up to my shoulder?….that is how deep I fell into smelly lake mud. Delicious.

Other than that though we just had an awesome time. BU and I chatted the entire time and I basically kept repeating ‘this is the most fun day ever in history of ever and stuff’. And she was like ‘okay Natalie, you are apparently part pig or something’.

image (4)

Here’s a pic of BU and her oldest kiddo during their run….see that hill? Well it was more gravel-y-er than the other mud pits we went through, so whilst I was able to slide down the other hills no problem, I discovered later that the gravel did indeed rip a hole in my ass from this point in the race. Bahhaa….Just a tiny hole, but as previously mentioned I am white….so…yay for that!

image (12)

Here’s what Jack and her baby girl were doing. Also Jack was pissed that I got him all “icky!” from my mud. Apparently he does not appreciate me dirtying up his duds in front of the ladies…

After the race, we went to BU’s parent’s campground and showered. Then we basically became as immoble as possible for the remainder of the afternoon, minus wrangling our toddlers….apparently they didn’t understand that we were tired and just wanted to sit.

It was a picturesque spot to hang out though. Right by the river, staying nice and cool. Sipping ice water and eating pretzels….what else could you want out of life?

On our way down the mountain, BU informed me that we would come dangerously close to a Krispy Kreme….I think you know what happened next.

image (11)

Days 2 and 3 involved hanging out at home, going swimming, putting the kids on horses (which Jack freaking loved….he also loved BU’s husbands cowboy boots)

image (9)

And also a fair amount of eating of chocolate……DAMN YOU BU for introducing me to Kit Kat and Milky Way Minis! She is such a bitch! I recommend you never become her friend (mostly because she is MINE) she is a terrible influence.

image (7)

Jack had a great time playing with her kiddos. Turns out Jack is the tiniest 2-year-old of our pack of friends. Even though he is the eldest. Poor kid.

image (6)

Awww but look how cute he is…..awww..

image (8)

He had so much fun that he slept the entire way home on the plane. It was so cute. A few minutes after take off he said ‘Mom, wanna lay down’, a second later – snooze city.

We had such a blast. I am still trying to recover from it!


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