Then there is this

Perhaps you might have noticed the lack of information on all the margaritas and lemon drops BU and I drank last weekend and you started wondering…huh that is weird.

Believe me I was looking forward to it as well. BU was telling me how she loves these beergarita thingies, where they tip a beer upside down into your margarita and then some sort of magic mixing happens that creates a wonderful and perfect beverage mash-up. She even texted me a picture of what one looks like….I don’t know where that picture is, but if you google that shit there are a ton of them….it is possible that I am the last person on the planet to learn about this beergarita phenomenon, but just be kind and pretend you don’t know either.

Turns out there were two reasons we didn’t get our beergarita on. First up:


Oh hey there….yes you are correct in assuming that is a pregnancy test. And also no, you’re eyes are not deceiving you, that does appear to be a positive. Woohoo! (also I feel I should clarify it is my pregnancy test….since we all know BU is a fertile whore, I didn’t want to confuse you)

I was pretty bummed to get knocked-up right before a major girl’s weekend, but obviously only for like a second. And BU told me she would be ordering a beergarita and that I could  take a sip. Of course then she got all sick and let me down!. Which was reason #2 we didn’t drink (obviously not the primary reason because if I wasn’t knocked up, I would have been passing her tequila shots until it killed whatever bug was in her stomach…or you know, until she threw up (more likely)). But the day after the race she was feeling sick. Like nauseous and drained….basically pregnant. To which I told her she was just having a sympathy pregnancy. She didn’t find that funny….strange. Next post – the deets.


8 thoughts on “Then there is this

  1. Congrats! Awesome news! But I take umbrage at your use of a blue-dye test. The pee stick connoisseur in me is appalled. But I’ll get over it. 🙂

  2. YAY!!!! Congrats!! I was wondering myself! Now, don’t go and be a bitch and have a girl when I really need some ruffles and bows in my life. I just know my need (no, not desire, it’s a need) for all things pink and princess is gonna get me knocked up WAY before I’m even remotely ready to think about a 3rd bambino!

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah Mutha Fucka!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at your body working and shit!

    (And now I will pray that it continues to do so.)

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