Foot, Meet Mouth

I spoke a wee bit too soon about feeling great and being nausea-free….the nausea has been creeping in slowly…like a sneaky snake….who is slow….because I guess technically snakes are fast. So a fat lazy snake.

I can’t really say if it truly is better this time because when I think about it, I was probably so focused and attentive that the nausea was always on my mind round one. This time if I stop paying attention to it, I can get a lot of activities done before I realize that I’ve been nauseous the whole time. So distraction is the name of the game.

We had a good weekend. Pretty laid back. I mowed the lawn and laid around the house (mowing requires a few hours of laying around….because I can). We cleaned the house and then made food, thus dishes and slowly by the end of Sunday the house looked worse than before we cleaned. Apparently the only thing to do is to clean your house, leave, and never return ever again. Instead of a vacation home, we will have a messy home. A place where we go to make a mess and then return to our clean house, where we just basically sleep and that is all – no eating, or showering, or anything that might create a mess…I suppose we can’t even sleep there because then we’d have messy bedclothes….isn’t bedclothes a fun word?

Why don’t we use it more often? I am going to go home tonight and tell Andy we need to wash the bedclothes……why shouldn’t beds have clothes? They are people too….or at least our’s is a person…a very soft comfy person who wants to sabotage our work and productivity.

Andy’s step-sister and her family came into town for a wedding, so we were able to see them on Father’s Day. They’ve been out in California for a year now. Yet Jack and Bella fell right into playing easily with one another again.


We grilled and Jack proceeded to eat only baked beans and 3 ears of corn…okay they were 1/2 ears, but still….needless to say, he had two diapers yesterday evening with interesting contents.

The boy might be having a growth spurt because last night for dinner I made him an egg and cheese sandwich, and then he asked for more eggs. Andy proceeded to cook two batches of 3 over-easy eggs each and Jack gobbled them up….He ate approx 7 eggs!. Oh and then he had a string cheese….I should measure him now and again next week to see if he shoots right up.

Another food related comment I have is: what’s the deal with buffets? I feel like they are ridiculous and such a waste of money, yet I find we are always meeting family at one for one reason or another. We had Father’s Day brunch (this was prior to the cook-out…sorry for the messed up timeline) with Andy’s family at an Italian buffet….now I like Italian, but this place is just not that great. They, on the other hand, seemed to be pretty proud of it. I found myself with a teeny plate of food (yay nausea! oh wait, we are ignoring it) because I was so uninterested in everything. That was the silliest $22 meal I’ve ever eaten….it sort of feels like a disservice to money. Do you know how much delicious Italian food you can get for $22?…I am sure you do! There should be two giant to-go boxes in my fridge right now waiting to be devoured.

All this food talk is making me hungry for lunch though…okay bye!


2 thoughts on “Foot, Meet Mouth

  1. Wooo hooo! I’m working my way backwards so will give you a proper congrats, but I’m delighted to hear you’re pukey. And that keeping busy helps. And that you’re mowing lawns in your delicate condition.

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