Making the Tough Calls

There I was at a crossroad, what was I going to do? In the backseat was my toddler, who had moments before gently nodded off, in the front seat me….pretty certain of pooping my pants…..I found myself thinking: what’s more important?

I had an appointment in an hour and a half and I was too far from home to make a round trip. So the options were limited. I pulled into the parking garage under IKEA.

let’s give it a minute – I thought to myself. perhaps it will subside

I parked in a dark spot rolled the windows down and willed my nether regions to cooperate. When it became apparent the problem wasn’t going away, I made the call. I rolled up the windows, gently lifted Jack out of his car seat, and slowly walked towards the elevators. He snuggled down on my shoulder without stirring.

I made it to the family restroom with Jack still sweetly asleep. I locked the door and made the second biggest decision of the day: can I do this one armed?

Turns out, when you decide to wear a pair of pregnancy jeans because you didn’t catch up on laundry, negotiating a bathroom one-handed is possible….plus you know there are people who only have one arm for the reals. So I knew it could be done.

I sat there patting Jack’s back and doing my business – I wish there was someone here to take a picture of this…this is amazing

I finished up. Slithered my undies and pants back in place. Double-checked all was in order in the mirror. One-handed washed each hand and walked out. I considered walking through IKEA while I was there, partially because I felt bad for just using the restroom and leaving, but also partially because IKEA is fun. But figured I didn’t want to wear myself out, plus I had to get my drink on (first ultrasound update coming soon). I returned to the car and slipped Jack back in his seat, his little head fell to the side and he continued in his dream world. Wow, I thought, this is an amazing story that must be told!


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