Strawberries, Acid-Mouth, and the Second Tri

Well the interwebz told me that I am officially in the second trimester. It is amazing how quick you forget this shit between babies. We have a lemon-sized human in there…and by we, I mean me…because if we had one together, that would be strange….I barely know you.

Time seems to be barreling forward although I still haven’t broken through the first trimester fog. I was literally on a countdown. I would tell myself ‘just get to 12 weeks and all will be better’….’just get to 13..’…’just get to 14…’

Things are definitely getting easier, but slowly! So so soooo slowly. Go figure that I am into the idea of instant gratification….who isn’t really though? The nausea still rears it’s ugly head in the evenings and I am still tired beyond all get out. I don’t actually know if that is how you use that phrase, I just like it.

You’re crazy beyond all get out… what Natalie?….I don’t know, I just use weird phrases that don’t necessarily make sense, but aren’t they fun?

With Jack I dealt with my nausea by consuming boxes…and I literally mean boxes, of clementines. I think at the end of my pregnancy I calculated that, all on my own, I went through at least 5 – 5lb boxes of clementines. This doesn’t factor in the clementines I encountered elsewhere in the world. No one’s clementines were safe from my addiction. Clementines, Baked Potatoes, and Chocolate Malts….that was it. Nothing weird like I remember fearing. I am going to eat pickles with chocolate cake!

This time, the only real cravings I have had is for strawberries…..delicious delicious strawberries. I had the best strawberries on the planet when we went camping with my dad up in Leadville a few weeks ago. I seriously groaned with pleasure as I ate them….I am not sure what it was about those particular strawberries, but an equal has not been found…..not that I will give up trying. I will never give up! NEVER!!!!

The only other difference of note is this weird mouth sitch I have going on. It is like acid-mouth meets you-just-ate-something-gross-that-won’t-go-away mouth. I definitely would have remembered this experience because it is pretty much all the time. And super awkward because does my mouth actually smell, or is it just in my brain? I sure hope this goes away soon because it is definitely infringing on my eating enjoyment. Food just doesn’t taste right or good…unless we are talking Leadville strawberries obviously.

My midwife gave me this food log and a list of things pregnant women should be sure to eat every day. We did this last time, but last time eating wasn’t as much of a problem for me for some reason. I looked at the first item on the list “you should drink a minimum of 4 glasses of milk a day”…..I couldn’t even get past that. I worry she is going to be really lecturey about the food log this go-round.

But I have a week and a half to try to get in a routine of things I should be eating…..and I think she will cut me some slack since I haven’t fully conquered the i-don’t-want-to-eat-anything phase of pregnancy.

I do have a big batch of Kale ready to be harvested and I got a recipe from my dad’s wife for this cashew kale sauce-y thing that she puts over wheat toast…..that’s all healthy and shit. So if I go make some of that and put it on my food log maybe I will win! Hopefully it tastes right…..also you should all know in advance, like I do already, Andy will laugh at me for making it. I’ve accepted it, you should too.

4 thoughts on “Strawberries, Acid-Mouth, and the Second Tri

  1. I had acid reflux both times. Xantac. Don’t confuse that shiz with xanax. Totally different. Totally safe while preggers. I got a 12-hr version and took twice per day. It’s both a prevention and treatment of type of med….but I found that it didn’t fix my problem unless I stayed in front of it. So I took it with my morning shake (vanilla yogurt smoothie with frozen strawberries….dairy will help with the acid and the berries, well, that’s for your craving….I had the same issue! lol) and then again with dinner.

  2. Blerg. I had horrible acid mouth combined with the worst heartburn in the history of the universe through my first tri. Acid mouth eventually went away, heartburn still hasn’t – thank goodness for the magic pills my OB prescribed or I would be even more miserable than I am.
    As for acid mouth – what actually helped it and the heartburn was what I call my magic drink – a green apple blended up with some ice.
    A cafe next to my house serves them and I was in heaven from the first sip. I finally started making them at home once my wallet and the bed rest dictated it. Maybe give it a try?

  3. Tell your midwife to screw her food log! COME ON. Pregnant women should eat whatever the hell they want every day. Like milkshakes. Or, you know, if you like the idea of the food log, go to town with your kaley ass. And HURRAH for the second trimester. Amazing and wonderful.

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