Old-Timey Activities

Something really hilarious happened a couple of weekends ago.

Andy and I channeled our 80-year-old grandparents for 2 and a half days and started doing a bunch of old-timey activities. I think if it hadn’t happened all in a few days we wouldn’t have noticed, but the fact that it was all congealed into one, made us laugh at ourselves immensely.

It all started with the sewing. I have been sewing for decades….wow…..I just realized how true that is and that I am old to be able to say decadeS instead of just decade….sadness. Anyway, so the act of me sewing in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal, but from the sewing we went to the farmers market…and from the farmers market we pulled out the pickle crock…and from the pickle crock we decided to also learn how to can pickles and to top it all off, we decided to make some sun tea.

The hilarity of it all is that I actually hate pickles. And the smell of dill makes me nauseous. Which made the week of smelling the crock as the pickles….well pickled – a whole lot of fun. The only real reason I decided we should take advantage of our 1/2 bushel of pickle cucumbers was because the skill of canning could easily then be translated into canning other items.

In a few weeks the farmer’s market will have 10 bushel bags of Colorado sweet corn….perhaps I haven’t conveyed this yet, but Jack eats corn on the cob like it is his job. The first time we saw the 10 bushel bag (a few years ago) we laughed at the idea of anyone being able to use that much corn…but now with Jack’s recent corn-eating-talents, we are thinking it might be a good investment and something we could do a lot with: can kernels and freeze cobs, etc. Point being, we needed to figure out what we were doing and if we even wanted to attempt any more canning…..which I am sad to report – our canned pickles apparently turned out squishy. Obviously I have no idea.

But it seems the canning process itself was a success…so yay! And it honestly wasn’t too terribly hard or arduous, so I think we’re going to try our hand at canning corn and see how it goes….but I think we will just buy a few ears first….no need to get crazy with the 10 bushels until we know for sure the end product is good. Anyway, we are crazy and apparently 80 years old….but pretty funny. Here’s some corresponding pics:

image (1)

Maternity pants are so expensive considering you wear them for less than 9 months. So I figured why not convert an old pair of pants that I rarely wear? It started with just one pair…and then I got carried away.

image (2)

The panels are made out of swimsuit lining which you can get at the fabric store. I cut off the waist band and went a little lower in the front, for round belly accommodation, and voila! I would say these 4 pairs of pants cost me about $20 to make. The panels are about 1/2 yard each. And super comfy. The benefit of the material is that it doesn’t fray so you don’t need to stitch around top. I’ve now washed all of them and they are holding up beautifully….and I may now have an itch to continue converting pants. Bahhaa. But next step is some new maternity tops….stay tuned.

image (3)

The beginning of the picking process. Not pictured is the gigantic canning pot. Trust me, it’s huge.

image (4)

They might not have turned out as crisp as Andy likes, but they sure looked pretty.

image (5)


3 thoughts on “Old-Timey Activities

  1. Haha! Yes! Look at you! The thought of canning stuff makes me scared…I was born in the correct decade…but I think it’s so cool that you did it! And your pants turned out great! I never would have thought about doing that!

  2. The squishy pickles is due to the longer processing time needed at high altitude, or so I was told by the guy selling pickles at the farmer’s market. So, that’s perfectly normal. Also, the pallet garden in the previous post is genius! You can’t crowd the lettuce that way. I love it. Love the pants, too!

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